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What Does a Multichannel Sourcing Strategy Entail?

What Does a Multichannel Sourcing Strategy Entail?

Today, the world of recruitment is changing. Long gone are the days when you could simply post a vacancy on one major job board or an internal website and gain access to all of the talent you need. It’s a job seekers market, and competition for the best and brightest is fierce.

Plus, many companies are embracing the use of a contingent workforce. With the right services, you gain access to a flexible and adaptable solution, allowing you to right-size your workforce based on your fluctuating needs.

To compete as an employer in today’s marketplace, you have to implement the ideal strategy. If you are wondering what a multichannel sourcing strategy entails and how it can help your company thrive, here’s what you need to know.


What is Multichannel Sourcing?

To put it simply, multichannel sourcing is a recruitment strategy that relies on multiple sources instead of just one. Usually, companies who embrace a multichannel sourcing strategy advertise vacancies in several places, such as job boards, internal hiring pages, and social media.

Companies who want to be particularly competitive also use other approaches in conjunction with those above. This can include services through a managed service provider (MSP), giving them access to workforce management experts who can oversee hiring and right-size the organization’s staff, as well as employee referral programs.

Additionally, multichannel sourcing can involve the optimization of your workforce. The strategy relies on finding the right balance between permanent staff members and contingent workers. This provides companies with the utmost flexibility, ensuring they can keep costs low while maintaining full productivity at all times.

Ultimately, multichannel sourcing involves managing several talent sources, coordinating with a variety of staffing providers, and implementing staffing platforms to optimize talent curation.


The Benefits of Multichannel Sourcing

When you implement a multichannel sourcing strategy, you are empowering your company to tap into as much of the job seeker landscape as possible. Not all professionals rely on the same sources when they seek out opportunities. By diversifying your approach, you can find more highly skilled candidates in less time.

By partnering with an experienced MSP, you also gain an ally for your recruitment efforts. They can help you secure the right kind of talent based on your needs, whether that is full-time permanent staff members, highly skilled project professionals, or contingent workers for seasonal upswings.

Essentially, you are creating an opportunity that allows you to enhance your talent acquisition process while also managing your labor costs, decreasing your time-to-fill, optimizing productivity, and increasing operational efficiency. Plus, even when you partner with an MSP, you remain in full control, ensuring you gain access to the professionals you need to thrive at the right time and only with your explicit approval.


Hire Better Candidates Faster with nTech!

If you are looking for a high-tech talent curation service, such as the Talent Direct program through nTech, our team wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive and flexible workforce management services and see how our approach can be as effective as it is affordable.

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