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nTech Workforce is a talent workforce solutions provider.

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Businesses today have an increasingly reliable option when it comes to staffing: Contract Hiring

With 1 in 5 workers being contractors, this trend shows no signs of slowing down — and is often the preferred choice for employers looking to save money without sacrificing expertise.

Agency of Record

Take control and streamline your supplier connections with a master vendor, the single source solution for reducing risk exposure.

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Managed Direct Sourcing

Talent curation offers cost savings and certified, pre-screened talent for organizations.

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Managed Staffing Services

Streamline your staffing processes by tapping into the expertise of a trusted managed staffing agency.

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Payroll Outsourcing

Employer of Record (EOR) covers HR, timekeeping, compensation, performance management, and associated tax/legal implications.

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Staff Augmentation

Add outsourced, temporary workers to your existing team.

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Introducing adaptable and resilient professionals into frontline positions.

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