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Your Success is Our Success


Since 2005, we've delivered innovative and customized solutions for employers across the United States. When you partner with nTech we will help you solve even the most difficult staffing challenges. 

We’re in the people business. By serving and providing great experiences to our employees, we have access to the best workers. For over 15 years, our clients have trusted nTech to both deliver reliable solutions and present creative solutions in response to emerging challenges or opportunities. We build winning teams that get work done.



Our Services Include

  • Offsetting an influx of job vacancies as-needed
  • We complement internal recruiting during high growth or other periods when those responsible for hiring could use an extra set of hands.


  • Outsourced workers for a defined time period
  • Your objectives include projects that are temporary or fulfilling seasonal demands: software development, marketing campaigns, IT infrastructure, year-end closing, customer care hiring, and more. Outsourced, temporary works add to your existing team to get work done.


  • Career pathways for contract workers
  • About 40% of the average workforce is outsourced. Consumers and investors demand fiscal and social responsibility. Guiding front-line contracted workers through career pathways to develop more in-demand skills is good for business and the community –  improving productivity, professionalism, retention, and peoples’ lives.


  • Re-deploying workers from your databases
  • You have a multitude of workers throughout your databases. We will curate known workers into meaningful lists and efficiently (re)deploy them into forecasted jobs.


  • Referral management for contract workers
  • You know who you want to hire, but you’re not hiring them directly. You refer them and pay us an all-inclusive hourly rate. We are responsible for all HR matters, spanning timekeeping, compensation, performance management, and associated tax/legal implications.


  • Managing subcontracted workers
  • We will negotiate, establish, manage, and govern subcontracts with workers and/or services  companies to augment your teams
  • As your point of contact for outsourcing to suppliers, we will hold a master agreement with your firm that enables us to manage downstream agreements with all other staffing suppliers. 
  • No lengthy procurement/legal process every time you want to engage another staffing company.



Our Specialties

We specialize in high-volume staffing that challenges us to lean into our process and specialty recruiting that tests our grit. This often includes call centers and business professional categories – on one end of the spectrum – and various technical, creative, or scientific categories on the other end of the spectrum.


What are the semi-legit ways we’re different from others?


Finding people isn’t complicated. While time-consuming, we’ve all done it. Your best managers are your best recruiters. There are thousands of staffing companies that can source, screen, and employ talented people. 

But if the “Great Resignation” is any indication, finding people is only Part I.

Part II: Retaining productive workers

  • Our workers regularly hear from teammates, report high satisfaction, and receive competitive compensation & benefits.

Part III: Elevating workers with growth opportunities

  • Part of our vision is equitable access to a fair work environment, where anybody can join our team and where our employees see a future with us.

Part IV: Making an impact 

  • As early as a discovery call, you’ll find that we’re curious and solution-oriented. We’ll uncover challenges together, learn where you are & where you’d like to be, and address the tangible opportunities of solving challenges. Our solutions are holistic approaches to workforce management, affording you winning teams who catalyze growth rather then facing bottlenecks.

How can we help you?

Areas of Specialization 

  • Customer Care Staffing
  • Referral Management
  • Niche Technical Staffing
  • Hiring Blitzes (Mass Hiring)
  • Increasing Diversity of Extended Workforce Programs
  • Tenure and Productivity of front-line workers
  • Building Reliable Talent Pipelines
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Working with the nTech team has resulted in significant improvements for our organization. Specifically, they have helped us reduce the number of technical issues, decrease response time for issue resolutions and decrease cost.
-UniStar Nuclear Energy