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nTech Workforce is a talent workforce solutions provider.

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Why Work Here

More About Corporate Responsibility

Great leaders understand the importance of trust. Our leadership is the best and they have all the qualities to build trust. The employees are given utmost respect. It takes effort and dedication to build up trust like this. Our leaders are very transparent and actively listen, ask questions, encourage us to share our concerns. We trust that our voices are being heard because we are given a solution/answer for it.
Team Member
nTech Workforce
nTech provides a desirable culture that fosters inclusion, demonstrates grit, strives for equity, and otherwise makes for a great work experience. In all different places I've worked, from automotive technician to retail associate to program manager, nTech has offered the most autonomy, support, and collaboration between colleagues. This is a place where I feel valued, have experienced significant personal AND professional growth, and have been able to carve my own path - all with the support of nTech's leadership.
Team Member
nTech Workforce
One of the top priorities is growing from within and the idea is to prepare lower-level positions to be senior leaders. There is also open communication between employers and employees with many opportunities to discuss matters in an open forum. New ideas are welcomed and encouraged which allows for each individual to grow their confidence to succeed at their job the best way they know-how. I have never felt that any of my questions have been too small and are always answered with respect and encouragement to continue being curious about the "why" of what I am doing.
Team Member
nTech Workforce
The most important part of my professional development and growth this year has been my work ethic being validated by upper management. Meetings were set to discuss my contribution to the company and actions were taken to reflect the acknowledgment of that contribution. I think it is important to be your own self-advocate but it is extremely validating when you do not have to. It has been made clear to me by multiple departments that they see a future for me at nTech and do not want to ever see me go, although I do know that if something came up that I wanted to pursue, they would support me in any way they could.
Team Member
nTech Workforce
One of nTech's strongest qualities is listening to what their employees need, within reason. With the current situation now and when the pandemic first started, nTech made sure that the transition home was smooth and we have been able to continue working from home. Personally, this allows me to excel at work and have the ability to put in more effort. There is also a community at nTech, and when I was first hired, I was welcomed with open arms and so were the many questions that I had as I got acquainted with the company. I know that I am valued at nTech not only by words but by actions. The leadership has been helpful and motivating, creating pathways for growth. I can honestly say that working at nTech has boosted my happiness and given me a place that I can call my work home.
Team Member
nTech Workforce

Our Values

Leading the Way

We aspire to inspire. We have the courage to spark change, champion initiatives, improve the world of work, and model desired behaviors. Leadership & change are shared responsibilities. Action is an individual one.


Practicing Compassion

We see work as an opportunity to create value for the community and put well-being ahead of other interests. We practice vulnerability, empathy, benevolence, and helpfulness. We look at the big picture, lean into change, and have the humility to follow.


Building Trust

Transparency, assured reliability, honesty, and authenticity are the foundation to serving as thought partners to our community. We believe in one another – that we have our team’s back, that we’re thorough and will get the job done right, that we’ll close the loop, that we want the best for our team, and that feedback is always genuine.


Cultivating Community

We are curious about others and take pride in delivering solutions. We’re local everywhere that we do business, extending our impact beyond the bottom line. Our employees share a sense of family that translates into advocacy for others, productivity, and retention. We create experiences for our workers and customers that increase fulfillment and drive greater outcomes.


True Grit

We’re enthusiastic about connecting people and passionate about building winning teams. We don’t back away from challenges and go beyond the call of duty to meet our goals. We are mindful to discover the root cause of problems, take pride in our work, and continually push the envelope for those around us. We are resilient and malleable in tenacious pursuit of mastery.


Efficiency Trailblazing

We prioritize autonomy, management by objectives, and long-term value creation. We leverage strong controls to stay aligned towards shared interests and ensure customer and employee needs are met. We lean on processes, technology, and a goal-orientation to improve productivity and enable collaboration between segmented teams.



Diversity & Inclusion

We at nTech Workforce are dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We recognize the importance of fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace that values the unique perspectives and contributions of every individual. By embracing DEI, we aim to create a culture where all employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential. Our commitment to DEI extends beyond words, as we actively work towards building a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve. We strive to provide equal opportunities for all candidates and foster an inclusive environment that promotes collaboration, innovation, and growth. Through our DEI initiatives, we aim to lead by example and inspire positive change in the staffing industry and beyond.

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nTech Careers

We’re in the business of connecting people and building winning workforces. Like a house made of cards, to lack a fair growth structure is to know what we build will eventually come crashing down. We offer programs for both contingent and permanent employees that demonstrate our commitment to their future with our team.

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