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Managing Subcontracted Workers


Whether you’re overwhelmed by multiple staffing agency relationships or want to control risk exposure, a master vendor consolidates supplier relationships into a single channel. No lengthy procurement/legal process every time you want to engage another staffing company

What do we offer?


  • Contracts management – negotiate, establish, and govern subcontracts with workers and/or  companies
  • Operational support – including administration of insurance, audit, background checks, contractor conversion, invoicing, and other requirements.

Areas of Specialization


  • Independent contractor validation
  • Flow-down contractual provisions
  • Subcontractor relationship management
  • Reducing multilayer subcontracts
  • VMS data integrity

Why work with us?


With white-glove treatment and clear expectations, our teams build trust with subcontractors and improve the integrity and efficiency of your contingent staffing program.

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