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With the labor market shrinking on a seemingly daily basis, having an efficient hiring process is a must. It ensures you can connect with and secure top talent before your competition has a chance to extend them an offer.

Talent Direct solutions from nTech offer a comprehensive plan to engage with contingent employees and candidates and optimize the MSP process for your business. The process of finding and pushing candidates through the hiring process is often a lengthy one. Here are three ways that the process can be shortened:

Make It Easy for Candidates to Express Interest

If you want to deepen your talent pool, making sure they can quickly learn about your current job openings is an ideal place to start. There are a few approaches that can help accomplish this task and, by using several, you can see a significant increase in your number of applicants.

Begin by making sure every page of your careers section has a “Search Jobs” option displayed at the top. This gives candidates the ability to see everything that is available that may interest them, increasing the odds they will locate suitable opportunities.

Next, provide a method for receiving job alerts. Ideally, you want to give job seekers the ability to define specific criteria that trigger an alert, ensuring the notifications they receive are highly relevant. That way, they pay more attention and stay engaged when they constantly hear about exciting opportunities.

Finally, make your team available to candidates who have a strong skill set but are unsure of what types of opportunities they want to pursue. Stay engaged with candidates throughout their job search and help them locate the positions they need to advance their careers.

Shorten Your Application Process

Long application processes are incredibly frustrating for job seekers. If you require them to submit a resume, ask them to paste that information into a general application, follow that up with open-ended written questions, and otherwise extend the process, many candidates will leave without completing the application.

Wanting to gather as much information as possible through the initial application is only natural, but the experience should be a positive one for the applicant. Instead, make the initial application quick and painless, focusing mostly on collecting only the information you need to decide whether a candidate is qualified. That will allow you to identify the top contenders and follow up with them appropriately without putting everyone through a cumbersome process.

Engage Candidates Where They Are

Not all of today’s job seekers rely on job boards to find available positions. Many favor social media for their searches and an increasingly higher percentage of candidates do the majority of their searching on their mobile devices.

If you want to engage with top talent, make sure your job announcements, company career pages, and application process are mobile-friendly. Similarly, be active on social media, head to career fairs, attend networking events, and go anywhere else that viable candidates may frequent. This allows you to become more present in the community, boosting the overall level of awareness, and interacting with job seekers in a range of venues, increasing the odds that you will connect with the skilled professionals you need to thrive. The staff here at nTech can help. Contact us today!

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