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Mining for Talent: Three Talent Pools to Connect With Immediately

Mining for Talent: Three Talent Pools to Connect With Immediately

The battle for top talent is fierce. Many companies are competing for the best and brightest professionals, all while trying to enhance their talent ecosystem in preparation for their future needs.

Often, certain talent pools are incidentally overlooked. Many businesses focus on drawing in new talent and do not make the most of their existing data. As a result, it is easy to miss out on a great candidate who may already be part of your talent ecosystem.

While mining for talent may seem like a complex endeavor, it doesn’t have to be challenging. By tapping into the right areas, you can refresh your talent pool based on past connections. If you want to make the most of your existing data and build a strong talent ecosystem, here are three talent pools you need to connect with immediately.


1. Past Employees, Interns, and Contractors

Unless your company has a strict policy that bans rehiring, examining the potential of those who have worked for or with your organization in the past is a wise move. Professionals who have contracted with you previously, former employees who retired or moved on to other opportunities, and interns who finished their time with your company may have the skills you want to find for current vacant roles.

Review your past employee data to see if any of those professionals may be a good fit (and are considered eligible for rehire). Then, reach out and inform them of the new opportunity. You can also request referrals from these former workers, as they may know someone who is a great fit even if they aren’t looking for a new job today.


2. Candidates With Potential Who Weren’t Selected

At times, you’ll meet a great candidate who ends up not being selected for a position. Your second-place finishers may have even excelled in the role they originally tried to land but were simply beaten out by someone who was an even better fit.

Take a look at your previous top finishers (even from several years ago) who weren’t selected and see if they may be suitable for an open job. If so, reach out and encourage them to apply, letting them know you think they would be a good fit.


3. Former Clients With the Right Skills

During the course of business, you may have interacted with highly skilled individuals who were clients of your company. However, if there isn’t an existing business relationship, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remain connected. If the person has the right skills and experience for one of your vacant roles and the previous relationship was strong and positive, consider presenting them with the opportunity.

Usually, it is best to avoid this approach with existing clients. Companies may not appreciate you trying to scoop up one of their employees, and that could harm the business relationship. However, former clients are less risky to pursue, particularly if the business relationship isn’t likely to be reestablished.

nTech Can Help Improve Your Talent Ecosystem

Ultimately, all the talent pools above are worth connecting with if you want to enhance your talent ecosystem. If you’d like to learn more about leveraging your data, the team at nTech can help. Contact us to speak with one of our hiring and recruitment technology specialists today and see how our talent management expertise can benefit you.

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