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How Does Direct Sourcing Complement Talent Curation Efforts?

How Does Direct Sourcing Complement Talent Curation Efforts?

While partnering with a talent curation service is often a smart move for finding top talent, that doesn’t mean companies should completely move away from direct sourcing methods. By supplementing the available talent pool through additional means, including career sites and reviewing internal employee-related data, companies can tap into a larger number of job seekers, increasing the odds that they can find their ideal candidate quickly.

If you want to understand precisely how direct sourcing can work in conjunction with other talent curation efforts, here is an overview of what it has to offer.


Reducing Time to Fill

By enlarging your talent pool, you can decrease your recruitment times. With direct sourcing methods – ranging from tapping your professional networks to embracing internal recruitment to harnessing career sites – you can connect with more job seekers who may be able to meet your needs.

Additionally, by identifying talent that could fill future needs, you can engage with them early. You can grow their interest in your organization and create a lasting connection. When you do, the enhanced engagement can work in your favor, making it easier to reach out to those skilled professionals when a vacancy becomes available.


Avoiding Missed Opportunities

Not all professionals rely on the same resources during their job search. Some may be open to working with a talent curation service while others prefer to find positions through career sites, social media, their professional networks, and a variety of other sources.

By ensuring that direct sourcing is part of your hiring strategy, you can reach talent through a wider array of platforms. This decreases the odds that you’ll miss out on an exceptional new hire simply because you weren’t using a tool they prefer.


Harnessing Your Data

Internal talent databases can be brimming with skilled professionals who could be redeployed or shifted into vacant positions. By reviewing information in your applicant tracking system, career portals, and former contractor records, you can identify known talent that can fulfill the requirements of the open position.

Anyone from past contingent workers, second-place candidates for other positions, and retirees, to past referrals could be a viable candidate today. By relying on direct sourcing technologies, you can review the database to see if a professional you’ve worked with before may make a great addition to your team once again.

Plus, your internal talent may reach full productivity faster. The onboarding process may be simplified when you reintroduce a former employee. They are also already familiar with your environment and culture, increasing the odds they will be a good fit once again.


Channel the Power of Direct Sourcing With nTech

Ultimately, direct sourcing is an excellent complement to talent curation services. It increases your overall recruitment reach and ensures you can connect with professionals on a wider range of platforms, making it more likely you can find the ideal candidate quickly and efficiently. If you would like to know more about the power of direct sourcing when used with talent curation services, the team at nTech can help. Contact us to speak with one of our recruitment specialists today and see how our talent curation expertise can benefit you.

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