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Tips for Expanding Talent Curation Solutions Across Business Areas

Tips for Expanding Talent Curation Solutions Across Business Areas

When you begin exploring the capabilities of talent curation solutions, you often need to implement the system in one business area at a time. If your company is large, trying to overhaul your recruitment and hiring approach universally is often too cumbersome to be realistic. However, by expanding the solution in stages, you can make the entire process more manageable.

Figuring out where to expand your talent curation solution next can be tricky, but there are a few signs that a particular business area could experience a dramatic benefit, suggesting it should be a priority. Here are the indicators you need to review to determine if a high-tech talent curation solution can help that business area thrive.


Areas With Well-Forecasted Staffing Trends

If you can predict a business area’s hiring needs months or a year in advance, expanding your talent curation solution into that area could be particularly effective. Well-forecasted staffing trends serve as a roadmap for future success, giving you guidance that can increase hiring efficiency.

Talent curation solutions can make managing the hiring needs of these business areas significantly more streamlined. You can review your existing ecosystem and launch new hiring attempts with ease at the proper time, increasing the odds that you can find and secure the right job seeker at the appropriate moment.


Areas That Need an Improved Time to Fill

When you implement a robust talent curation solution, you can significantly reduce your time to fill in that business area. If any department or job category is plagued by slow hiring, the technology can help streamline hiring processes and increase the size of the talent pool. Additionally, when automation is embraced, engaging with talent is also easier. This can keep job seekers interested throughout the process and even facilitate referral requests, allowing you to grow your talent pool and keep them engaged.


Areas With Untapped Internal Talent Pools

Talent curation solutions can do more than just manage new candidates; they can also help you tap internal talent pools that may have been overlooked previously. You can review the profiles of your former employees, interns, associates, and contractors, allowing you to determine if any of them may be an ideal fit for a current opening.

If a business area requires in-demand skills that professionals who were previously connected to your organization possess, bringing a talent curation solution into that department or job category could improve your hiring success. As long as your company is open to rehiring workers who were previously associated with your organization, this can be great for expanding your talent ecosystem.


nTech Will Help Expand Your Talent Curation

While it can take time to expand your talent curation solution across more business areas, by focusing on those that would benefit most, you can ensure your efforts produce the best yields. If you would like to learn more about how to effectively implement the technology, the staff at nTech can help. Contact us to speak with one of our talent curation solution specialists today and see how our implementation and expansion expertise can benefit you.

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