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Machine Learning Solutions for Contingent Staffing

Machine Learning Solutions for Contingent Staffing

Advanced technical solutions are allowing companies to enhance their talent curation process and improve their contingent staffing management approach. By partnering with a skilled managed service provider (MSP) that embraces cutting-edge technologies, like nTech, manufacturers position themselves to remain ahead of the competition through effective contingent staffing plans.

If you want to leverage technology to uncover opportunities that can drive your contingent workforce management strategy forward, here is what you need to know.


Harnessing the Power of Data

Companies often have more data than they know how to handle. Between your VMS and HRIS, you have mountains of information about more than just your current staff but also past contractors, former associates, interns, and retirees. Additionally, you likely have resume or application information on a broad selection of silver medalists – the individuals who impressed during the interview process but weren’t offered a position.

All of those individuals are part of your talent pool. However, few companies truly harness that data, creating missed opportunities.

Additionally, businesses have mounds of data regarding their workforce needs. Details about when short-term workers were needed in previous years can assist with long-term planning, particularly when patterns are identified. With the right technical solution, much of the analysis can be completed with ease, giving you a chance to build an effective predictive strategy instead of always playing catchup.

How Machine Learning Solutions Can Help

Machine learning solutions can be powerful components when you need to manage your contingent workforce. First, they can be programmed to identify members of your talent pool who may be well suited to a current vacancy, even if they did not directly apply.

By programming the solution to seek out matches based on certain criteria or highlighting individuals with potential, you can locate top talent worth pursuing. Then, you simply have to reach out and make contact, inviting them to go after the opportunity.

Second, machine learning solutions can be used for workforce optimization. These systems can look at your past needs and make predictions, allowing you to take a proactive approach with your contingent workforce.

Get the Big Picture with Your Contingent Staffing Solution

By teaching the system to examine past data to find patterns, you can discover when you need to act. This enables you to ramp up or down at the appropriate junctures, and can even provide you with guidance about when to start recruitment processes to deepen your talent pool before the need becomes immediate.

With the right machine learning solution, you are empowering your business to handle its contingent workforce needs more strategically. Not only can this lessen the stress associated with fluctuating staffing needs but it can also help you stay ahead of the competition.

If you are ready to discover the benefits above by partnering with a leading MSP, the experienced team at nTech wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our MSP solution specialists and find out more about our comprehensive workforce management services today.

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