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Five Leading Contingent Staffing Benefits With a Vendor on Premise (VOP)

Five Leading Contingent Staffing Benefits With a Vendor on Premise (VOP)

A vendor on-premises (VOP) provider isn’t just a staffing service. The provider becomes embedded with your business, giving them the ability to drive talent curation and enhance your direct sourcing capabilities. Not only can this lead to higher-quality candidates, but it can also provide you with a range of other benefits designed to ease recruitment woes.

Here are five leading contingent staffing benefits you can experience with a VOP:


1. Controlling Costs

With a VOP provider, you gain a comprehensive hiring and personnel management solution that can help you lower, limit, and control your labor and human resources-related expenses. Along with serving as a single point of contact, the VOP can also address administrative and payroll issues, ensuring your operations run smoothly.


2. Optimized Staffing

When you work with a VOP provider, you will have experts on-site to ensure your staffing levels are always optimized. They handle all your contingent workforce scheduling needs, ensuring every area has the right personnel at the right time. Additionally, they can coordinate coverage for absence – expected or unplanned – ensuring productivity doesn’t suffer if someone calls out or takes time off.


3. Workforce Scaling

VOP providers can adjust the size of their contingent workforce based on shifts in demand. Staff numbers can be increased during peak seasons and reduced during non-peak periods. Additionally, thanks to the robust technology at a VOP’s disposal, they can review performance and productivity data to anticipate when increases or decreases may be necessary, allowing them to handle workforce scaling needs proactively.


4. Reduced Time-to-Fill

A VOP provider will work diligently to address your workforce needs. They continuously recruit for key positions, ensuring the talent pool is as large as possible at all times. Candidate screening is also handled by the VOP, including skill tests, interviews, reference checks, and more. As a result, only job seekers who can genuinely meet your needs will remain in contention.


5. Performance Monitoring

By working with a VOP provider, you will have access to detailed and customized reports to help you optimize staff usage and remain apprised of costs. Additionally, the VOP will monitor the performance of all contingent workers, logging details about attendance and their effectiveness on the job.

Should an employee issue occur, the VOP provider will address the situation properly and promptly. This includes disciplinary action (when appropriate), job coaching, establishing clear expectations, and ensuring that all other issues are handled correctly.


Your VOP Solution

Ultimately, by working with a VOP provider, your company can experience all the benefits above and more. If you are looking for a VOP solution that can meet your needs, the team at nTech wants to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your workforce goals with one of our skilled VOP specialists today and see how our flexible and customizable solutions can simplify recruitment, hiring, and personnel management for your business.

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