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How to Engage Key Stakeholders and Earn Buy-In for MSP Staffing Solutions

How to Engage Key Stakeholders and Earn Buy-In for MSP Staffing Solutions

Once you have assessed the current state of your contingent workforce and crafted a strong value proposition, it is time to present your findings to key internal personnel. Engaging with stakeholders is often a daunting task, but it is essential if you are going to secure buy-in for an MSP staffing solution.

While each organization is certainly unique, some universal standard stakeholders should be involved during this part of the process. Often, these are the leaders who need to be involved from start to finish, including partners in human resources, procurement, and sourcing, along with ERP teams.


Since establishing buy-in is so critical to the successful delivery of an MSP solution, getting these leaders involved during the fact-finding stages is crucial if you want to deliver a winning business case. Here is how to begin engaging key stakeholders to increase your odds of securing their support.

Align with a Larger Corporate Initiative

Before you present your value proposition, you need to make sure it connects with an existing corporate initiative that stakeholders will find meaningful. Whether it is as universal as risk mitigation or achieving cost savings or is genuinely unique to your company, isn’t as crucial as identifying a point of alignment for all teams to follow. Otherwise, you may have trouble identifying benefits that can further core objectives, making the value harder for stakeholders to identify.

Speak to Key Representatives

Approaching several critical business areas – including legal, finance, accounting, information security, and operations – before presenting your full value proposition to key stakeholders is wise. You can learn about any unique costs or risks that exist in those areas, giving you the ability to make adjustments and secure their blessings.

Essentially, you are exploring the functional viability of an MSP solution before getting senior leaders involved. In a way, it’s a hallmark of due diligence, giving you the space to make adjustments and learn answers to important questions well before such stakeholders are approached.

Choose the Right Sponsor

After completing the steps above, it is time to choose a sponsor. You need an individual who can rally senior leadership, serving as an ally for your value proposition and a champion of the cause. Additionally, they need to be able to provide resources and any necessary framework that allows you to influence business at all levels.

Selecting the right sponsor, and their influence can help secure buy-in from other company leaders, increasing the odds that you will be able to move forward with your MSP solution.

Ultimately, the three steps above can allow you to engage key stakeholders properly, increasing the odds that you can earn buy-in for MSP solutions. If you are seeking a knowledgeable partner during this process, the professionals at nTech are ready to provide you with any assistance you may require. Contact us to speak with one of our stakeholder engagement specialists today and see how our unique industry expertise can make this part of the process easier than ever before.

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