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Finding the Next Frontier with Modern Talent Sourcing Solutions

Finding the Next Frontier with Modern Talent Sourcing Solutions

Sourcing talent today requires a modern approach. Simply relying on large job boards and internal hiring pages isn’t going to cut it. It’s a job seekers market, and candidate expectations play a big role in their decision to apply to an open position.

If you want to evaluate your current sourcing solutions to find areas where you can improve, here are five ways to get started.


Optimizing Sourcing Costs

Your approach to sourcing top talent has a significant impact on your bottom line. The strategies of yesteryear, including relying on job boards as a sole source for candidates, are not cost-effective, particularly when you also have to dedicate time and energy to screening every application.

If you instead embrace a high-tech talent curation service, like Talent Direct from nTech, you can significantly reduce your costs. On average, companies experience a 10% cost-savings on each placement, and the opportunity to save more certainly exists.


Harnessing Your Talent Ecosystem

To fully harness your talent ecosystem, you need to implement a high-tech talent engagement and direct sourcing solution. When you pair that with leading talent curation services, you are deepening your talent pool dramatically.

Effective technology also enhances the candidate experience. They can maintain their profiles and apply to new openings with greater ease. Plus, you get tools designed to help you properly evaluate and organize incoming applications, streamlining your processes even further.


Accessing Top Talent

When you partner with a leading talent curation service, you gain immediate access to top talent. These organizations regularly engage with skilled professionals, including active and passive job seekers, to help identify prime candidates for vacant positions.

Plus, with the right service, you can implement an effective multichannel sourcing strategy. You are effectively diversifying your recruitment sources, increasing the odds that highly skilled professionals will learn about your vacancies and apply.


Improving Business Engagement

With a modern talent-sourcing solution, you can increase engagement to enhance your recruitment efforts. Candidates who may not have been ideal when they applied for a vacancy several years ago may now be the right person for an existing vacancy. If you have not engaged with them since they last applied or were interviewed, then you are not taking advantage of a critical part of your talent pool.

With the right systems in place, improving business engagement is simplified. You can review details about previous applicants and identify individuals who may meet your needs today. Then, you can reach out regularly to keep them interested in opportunities over the long term, increasing the odds that they will apply when the right position becomes available.


Mitigating Risk

When you partner with a managed service provider (MSP), you are introducing a hiring avenue that allows you to mitigate risk, particularly when it comes to overseeing a contingent workforce. You gain access to highly skilled professionals quickly without having to sacrifice robust screening processes. Plus, if the worker remains on the service provider’s payroll during a short-term assignment, you can avoid potentially costly issues, particularly unemployment costs and workers’ compensation expenses, as these are handled by the supplier.


Use a Proven Talent Sourcing Solution with nTech

All of the tips above can help you craft a cost-effective talent-sourcing solution designed to increase efficiency and reduce risk. If you would like to learn more about nTech’s Talent Direct and other recruitment sourcing options, we want to hear from you. Contact us to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team today and see how our customizable services can benefit you.

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