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With labor shortages and spending cuts going on simultaneously, it has never been more integral for companies to find top-tier, reliable talent.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment is projected to grow by 0.7% every year until 2026. Workers are in high demand. However, with the fallout of the Great Resignation, we know that job seekers are also looking for very specific criteria in potential new jobs.

You may be wondering, “How do I know working with a staffing agency will help?” To answer this question, Edgar Andres, Talent Acquisition Specialist at nTech Workforce shares the benefits of working with a staffing agency to find reliable talent.


How Do Staffing Agencies Find Reliable Talent?

The fact that staffing agencies will fill positions is clear, but the question to ask is: do staffing agencies find reliable employees, and if so, how?

After the initial conversation with the client, where the parameters and needs for the position are made clear, the agency will get right to work with sourcing. “I spend time making myself familiar with the role and those who currently work in the same or similar role for the client. This helps give me a better understanding of the type of candidate they need to fill the role,” says Edgar Andres, “having this information helps me look for a candidate of the right background.”

A lot of time, energy, and research goes into sourcing top candidates, and it sometimes starts by identifying the type of qualifications that have proven to make someone ideal for that role.  


Why Do Companies End Up With the Wrong Person For the Job?

Internal human resources departments may lack a right-sized talent acquisition team, and a shortage of resources means that they may rely on the “post and pray” method. This method is ineffective in the highly competitive war for talent, resulting in less-than-ideal candidate sourcing.

The difficulty with targeted talent acquisition is that trying to attract a passive candidate requires more relationship-building than when applicants are coming to you. This is where a staffing agency can excel in going the extra mile because they have the experience to help build those relationships over time. Internal HR departments, on the other hand, sometimes lack the time and resources needed to cultivate relationships with potential talent.

Staffing agencies also have the resources to help make the onboarding process as clear and timely as possible to provide the utmost assurance for a successful transition.


What Questions Should Clients Ask Before Choosing a Staffing Agency?

According to  Andres, the best approach for companies looking to work with staffing agencies is to “work internally to identify exact company needs and communicate those transparently with your agency.” Andres recommends figuring out aspects like, “What experience does your agency have filling these types of roles?”

Clients seeking to work with a staffing agency might also want to do their research before making a selection. Some things to consider include their success rate, reviews, the type of benefits they offer to contingent workers, and their overall track record. “Overall experience, tools used to source candidates, company culture, and benefits vary by agency. You want to do your research to ensure the agency you choose aligns with your company and its goals,” says Andres. 


What Are the Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency?

Working with a staffing company offers several benefits, especially in a job seeker's economy.

  • Time Savings: According to Glassdoor, the average interviewing process is 23 days – and this doesn’t even include the time spent creating the posting and refining responses. Hiring is a huge undertaking that diverts time and energy from the core business and HR operations. However, a staffing agency can be relied on to bring the best candidates forward quickly because of the time and resources already at their disposal.
  • Access to Talent Networks: Likewise, staffing agencies have relationships with talent networks that have been years in the making. This includes time spent looking through referrals, networks, and regular conversations with job seekers.
  • Added Onboarding and Compliance Capacity: While recruiting can take up a huge amount of time on its own, it is doubled when you also consider the onboarding process and ensuring HR compliance is in order. Staffing agencies can spearhead the onboarding process to ensure your new hires feel valued and able to move at a comfortable pace.


Will a Staffing Agency Help You Secure Top Talent?

At the end of the day, working with a staffing agency increases the chances of a successful hire through the application of greater resources, experience, and capacity. This can help you to secure reliable top talent without having to worry about overextending the HR department or ending up with unsuitable hires.

If you are looking to grow a reliable team, nTech Workforce is here to help you get started.