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How a Contract Hire Can Help Add to Your Team’s Perspective

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Recruiting contract hires can prove to be a reliable option for employers. Considering the fact that one in every five workers is a contract hire, the trend is here to stay. More often than not, employers can save nearly 25 percent hiring costs on insurance, taxes and benefits while being assured of expertise at the same time. Beyond that, employers enjoy reduced risk of layoffs as most contractors are hired on a short-term basis – but that’s not all.

At times, you may need to hire a contractor to fulfill a skills gap or when you’re looking for quick turnaround. This is an effective way to accelerate growth and learning in your organization. In fact, the one unique trait that is common to most contract hires is their ability to bring fresh perspectives to the table.

The Most Unique Attribute of Contract Hires

Since many contract hires are likely to have worked in several companies, they often possess a diverse array of organizational experience. This allows contractors to evaluate business processes and systems from an outside perspective. It’s easier to find innovation in a team of diverse experiences and contract hires could help provide the missing skills for more effective results.

The diverse experience and skill sets added with contract hires allows them to offer out-of-the-box solutions to problems your team is encountering, accelerating both growth and productivity. If your team is stuck trying to concept new ideas for 2019, a contract hire is more likely to view the issue with a fresh pair of eyes and possibly understand the cause behind the standstill. The fresh approach often paves the way for innovative problem-solving.

In the event the contract hire proves unsatisfactory, you always have the option to terminate the relationship with little or no paperwork. Looking for new ways to source and engaged talented candidates for contract positions? Learn more about smRTpass’ Talent Direct program.

Contract Hires Offer Fresh Perspectives and Diverse Skills

Most contractors have years of experience in a niche area which means you don’t have to spend time and money training them. Recruiting contract hires is not only a budget-friendly way of satisfying changing labor needs, but also a way to significantly reduce employee overhead. Contract hires can get projects off the ground, advise permanent employees and fulfill other project requirements in an expedited manner.

What’s more, due to their consistent exposure to evolving industry trends, they are more likely to be familiar with changes in cutting-edge practices. Leveraging their diverse experience helps your organization benefit from a fresh, innovative approach to problem-solving.

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