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Managed Services Primer: How Managed Service Providers Elevate the Quality of Your Contingent Workforce

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The talent you bring on board is one of your company’s most important assets. Highly skilled and adaptable talent eliminates developmental growth pains within your organization and keeps you on a fast track to success. In today’s world, especially for tech-focused industries, highly skilled and adaptable talent doesn’t always come from your standard hiring pool.

Today, contingent talent that’s placed by Managed Service Providers (MSP) plays a major role in providing businesses with the staffing solutions they need. Working with an MSP isn’t only a shortcut to filling the voids in your workforce, it’s also a way to improve your company’s overall hiring outcomes. Here’s how an MSP can help you identify new talent sources and deliver talent that exceeds your company’s performance matrix.


Access to New Talent Channels

MSPs provide contingent talent for organizations that range from entry-level to those that are equipped with a highly sought-after skill set, and years of education and/or experience to back them up. There’s a misconception that an MSP can’t assist with a company’s full spectrum of talent needs based on the outdated idea that contingent talent is associated with baseline skills.

Managed Service Providers access multiple talent channels which most companies either don’t have access to or time to invest in scouring them for the right candidates. An MSP is going to look at the organizational structure of your business from a holistic point of view and use those insights combined with their access to multiple talent channels to place contingent staff that’s perfectly aligned to your business goals, immediate needs and corporate culture. All of this spells success for your business.


MSPs Streamline the Operational Costs of Workforce Management

On the surface, there are plenty of cost-saving advantages of working with an MSP. Every business in the IT industry knows the training and onboarding process can be costly – especially when you’re talking about temporary staffing that sometimes falls short of your expectations. A Managed Service Provider supplies a solution to this problem.

Whether it’s adapting to new technology or managing the multiple levels of a high-end project, an MSP takes a broad perspective approach to workforce management – including performance management at every level to ensure the success of your project.

Additionally, companies find that MSPs help to lower their overall staffing and recruitment expenses. An MSP is dedicated to providing your company not only with top contingent talent, but talent that comes at the right price for your business.


Contingent Staffing Solutions for Every Sized Business

Larger corporations frequently take advantage of the perks associated with an MSP and their contingent staffing services. Small and midsize businesses shouldn’t shy away based on the idea that their needs are too small scale for an MSP to handle. A professional Managed Service Provider can streamline the operational costs associated with contingent staffing and connect you with a new level of talent.

If you’d like to know more about MSPs and contingent staffing, we’re here to help. We’re dedicated to connecting your businesses with only the best contingent talent in the IT industry. Contact nTech Workforce today to learn more.

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