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The Leading Benefits of Using a Managed Service Provider to Fill Open Positions

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Hiring new employees can be stressful because they need to possess the right skills, integrate into the team and deliver value. A combined approach, using both MSP and RPO programs (Managed Service Providers and Recruitment Process Outsourcing), not only mitigates risks in terms of compliance and regulations, it also helps foster a strong employment brand in the market.

With globalization driving business strategies, employers are often challenged to find the right technical capabilities needed for successful project outcomes. Hiring an integrated workforce addresses key skills gaps, fosters innovation and achieves company goals. Working with a trusted external services provider helps you access diverse contingent as well as skilled permanent candidates for open job positions.

Use a blended hiring approach to hire employees faster, reduce costs and bridge skills gaps.

Three Ways a Hybrid MSP Approach Improves Overall Workforce Planning

  1. Reduces Complexity and Costs – The same recruiter can offer both MSP and RPO hiring strategies and help you identify IT roles that can be managed by contingent employees. Using multiple hiring teams only increases costs and reduces time efficiencies.
  2. Improves the Quality of Talent Hired – Contractual workers often possess niche, in-demand talents needed for high-end projects. Get better clarity on important metrics such as costs, quality of placements and turnover data from your external service provider. What’s more, they can also help employers build more strategic relationships with active and passive candidates in order to gain access to top talent.
  3. Creates a Scalable Model for Recruiting – Building a scalable recruiting model meets the demand for different skills and frees up internal resources. By seeking the right type – and number – of contingent and permanent hires, you can create a workforce that responds well to pressures. Redirect your focus on talent management – rather than talent acquisition – by seeking a specialized external recruiter who will help standardize hiring strategies.

A Hybrid Approach Gives Rise to a Holistic Workforce Plan

Integrated recruitment strategies allow employers to move faster to capitalize on top talent. While splitting your recruitment processes across many teams creates confusion, using a hybrid approach helps you centralize your recruitment channels. What’s more, using both hiring strategies combines the best practices of each and gives employers greater advantages in terms of flexibility. External service providers use their experience from both program types to provide customized staffing solutions for employers.

At nTech Workforce, we leverage our extensive experience and offer an integrated approach to hiring a contingent workforce. Contact us today for customized staffing solutions and hire the best IT talent.

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