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The Keys to Active Learning: How to Foster Continual Career Growth

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As the economy changes to focus more on contract-based IT jobs, it becomes more important than ever to take control of your professional development. Where once workers could assume their employers would provide any training needed to advance in the company, now it often falls on the individual to keep up on the latest innovations and make themselves more marketable on an ongoing basis.

How can you keep learning, ideally without breaking the bank?

Attend Bootcamps

While these are not free, the short, intense quality of bootcamps can make the money you put into it well worth it. Typically, the costs can run into the hundreds, if not thousands, but if you are selective about the content and quality, you may easily recoup what you paid in higher compensation or increased opportunity.

Solicit Mentorship

Sometimes the best way to be a success is to study someone successful. This can be achieved in several ways. It can be a one-on-one mentoring relationship with someone who provides ongoing feedback and advice. It could also be an industry leader you model yourself after through books or other materials.

Learn Online

There is a wealth of online opportunities to increase your knowledge. Udemy, Skillshare, Codecademy and Coursera all offer courses for no charge or a nominal fee. Check the reviews and the course material carefully to ensure the quality of the content and the instructors will help you enhance the specific skills needed for your career.


People often think of networking just in terms of looking for work, but it can offer much more. By staying in touch with alumni, former co-workers and employers or other professionals who share your interests, you can not only increase your skills, but also gain a greater understanding of what employers are currently looking for.


There is no shortage of places online and in real life where you can hone your skills. Attend retreats and hackathons, meetups and other IRL events. Online you can interact on Quora, Stack Overflow or Github. Any of these platforms provide a great way to advance your skills and increase your marketability.

Ready to Take Control of Your Career?

While there is a lot to learn, plenty of employers to work for and projects to take on, you are unique. By taking a proactive approach, you can build a career that keeps you intrigued, successful and hopeful for the future.

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