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Employment Spotlight: How You Can Land a Job as a DevOps Engineer

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With an increasing number of organizations – including Amazon and Adobe – moving into DevOps, there is an increasing demand for engineers for smoother, productive workflow. Working as a DevOps engineer is not only personally satisfying but also one of the most profitable career paths in IT today.

As a DevOps engineer, you will straddle both development as well as operations to maximize productivity. More often times than not, you will have the opportunity to optimize speed, functionality and innovation while creating happier, more productive teams at the same time.

If you’re looking to make your next exciting IT career move, landing a new DevOps engineer opportunity could be just right for you. Below, we review some important steps that you can take to land a quality DevOps Engineering position.

How can you market yourself as a leading DevOps engineer candidate?

Focus on Cross-Training

If you’re still new to DevOps, you need to start acquiring skills in both operations as well as development. What’s more, if you’ve been a developer, consider applying concepts from your previous job role to the current one.

Develop a Solid Set of Soft Skills

Start by developing the right mindset in your existing job role. Think and make decisions like a DevOps engineer by taking into account operations as well as development aspects.

Work on developing strong communication and planning skills for better employee engagement. More often times than not, DevOps engineers also need to be intelligent, motivated and curious. Take an interest in other team members and learn to collaborate to get things done.

Learn to Use Important Tools of the Trade

In order to become a successful DevOps engineer, you must learn to use source control tools to track changes in the project, continuous integration tools to receive constant feedback and team management tools to guide and track team movements.

DevOps Engineers are in High Demand for Exciting Job Roles

As a DevOps engineer, you will be expected to deliver under tight deadlines and high pressure as well as manage teams at the same time. In addition to strong technical skills, DevOps engineers need to possess exceptional collaboration and strategizing skills. What’s more, they must be willing to learn new skills as technologies evolve.

DevOps engineers enjoy a wide range of opportunities to grow their careers and expand their skillsets. Specialized IT recruiters can help you explore exciting job opportunities in the field of DevOps.

As leading recruiters who know the IT space, nTech Workforce can help you explore attractive DevOps engineering opportunities. Contact us today to explore exciting technical and IT career opportunities.

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