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            Employment Spotlight: Skills That Separate the Great Software Engineers

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            There are plenty of employment opportunities available to software engineers but certain key traits can help you stand out from the pack. Leading software engineers are not just exceptional at writing code, they also possess a set of intangible skills that helps them become top professionals. The good news is you can develop these skills – starting right now – without spending money on acquiring them.

            There are currently over one million software engineers working in the United States – so it is a growing field and a very rewarding one for interested, qualified candidates. Interested in finding opportunities as a software engineer? Visit our job board today and view software engineer opportunities in your area.

            What Skills do Software Engineers Need to Master?

            Before landing the job, developing a crucial set of soft skills helps you become a valued team member while helping you prepare for leadership roles at the same time. While a strong technical background may get you the interview call, the following skills can help you land the job.

            1. Communication Skills – You will often be required to communicate technical information to a non-technical audience. Developing exceptional verbal, written and non-verbal communication skills can help you connect better with customers, team members and other stakeholders.
            1. Empathy – Demonstrating empathy and understanding helps you understand other people’s problems and helps pave the way for quicker problem resolution.
            1. Be a Team Player – In order to build a great product or service, you will need to work in software development teams. Treating people with dignity and respect can help you achieve team and organizational objectives.
            1. Accept Constructive Criticism – An open-minded attitude to critical feedback is extremely important for improving your product or eliminating bugs in a program. Channel useful criticisms into learning about what you can do better.
            1. Patience – Not everyone will understand technical information or programming code. Many times, you may need to be patient with explaining ideas to teams that may consist of a mix of professionals from different backgrounds.

            Successful Software Engineers Possess the Right Mix of Technical and Soft Skills

            As a budding software engineer, a set of positive, relationship-building skills can help groom you for leadership roles in the long run. During interviews, the hiring manager or recruiter will evaluate your soft skills as much as your educational background. While soft skills may not fall within your educational background and experience, they impact your ability to communicate, interact and work with other people. If you’re considering an upward move in your organization or a shift to a better job, it’s important to promote a mix of technical and soft skills to stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape.

            As leading providers of staffing solutions in the IT field, nTech Workforce connects the right software engineers to the right employers. Contact us today to discuss suitable career options.

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