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With over 225 million members, LinkedIn is filled with potential employers, recruiters, and business professionals. Regardless of whether you’re looking to change jobs, network in your industry or gather leads, having an eye-catching LinkedIn profile can help you capture the attention of the right people at the right time.

But the benefits don’t stop there!

Having a current profile keeps you visible to active LinkedIn members within your industry – including potential hiring managers and recruiters. If you haven’t had the opportunity to update your profile, it’s time to take a closer look.

Here are best practices to create a powerful LinkedIn profile:

1. Ensure You Craft an Eye-Catching Headline

LinkedIn only provides users with 120 characters for their headline – often the first thing other members see after your name – so make sure you include important keywords related to your work so you stand out during searches. Your headline can be a succinct description of the value you can add to potential connections, in addition to mentioning noteworthy accolades or awards you have accumulated in your career. Use your headline to showcase who you are as a professional in a creative manner.

2. Build a Multimedia Profile

Recruiters may find it tedious to read a profile that’s text only. Instead, consider building a visual profile with photos, videos, and links that will help you stand out. For many industries, this could include specific pieces you’ve worked on or a link to a personal website where you build a portfolio. You may even want to consider including media files. For example, if you have gained speaking experience at an event or conference, including an introduction video could be an interesting idea.

3. Craft a Compelling Summary

Don’t fill the summary section with a few bland sentences. Describe your accomplishments and interests, and use bullet points to improve readability. Keep your summary short so recruiters and hiring managers can spend more time reading about your experiences and reviewing your past work.

Aspects of your LinkedIn profile such as your headline and summary help to summarize your brand – the reputation you want to convey to recruiters and hiring managers.

4. Include Interesting Details

Add interesting facts about your career such as a success story, a side project, or a volunteer position. These may be out of place on a hard resume where you only have two pages at the most, but LinkedIn gives you the space to highlight all of these in your profile. The additional details provide a more well-rounded description of your skills, talents, and interests.

5. Infuse Personality Into Your Profile

While it’s important to keep your profile professional, infuse personality in your profile feel free to use first person, as well as conversational language. Try and avoid typical industry jargon. Let people get to know you as a professional and as an individual.

Boost Your Chances of Being Discovered: Hire Professionals

Recruiters are always on the lookout for top performers, so be sure you include your achievements. Similarly, request detailed recommendations from former employers and industry colleagues to add credibility to your profile. As you transition between careers or take on new responsibilities, eliminate outdated details from your profile so it stays relevant and current. The secret to a killer LinkedIn profile is updating it strategically and professionally at regular intervals.

At nTech Workforce, we would be happy to discuss your career goals, aspirations, and interests with you. Contact us today to explore suitable career opportunities that match your unique skills and talents.

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