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How to Recruit and Develop Top Millennial Candidates for Your Business

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As the unemployment rate continues to shrink, employers are hard-pressed to find skilled, young employees that will remain with their company for years to come. Unfortunately, the habit of spending decades with a single employer is coming to a close. Millennials are fearful of entrusting their entire future to one company.

There are, however, ways to earn the trust and respect from the next dominant generation of the workforce. Learn more about how nTech Workforce helps you find the right candidates by following us across social media on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Here are six ways to recruit, develop and retain top Millennial candidates.

Use Social Media

Recent college graduates have experienced social media firsthand, providing the base for dozens of popular platforms including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. To reach Millennials, you’ll need to engage them on social media. Come into their world and communicate through the regular posting of content, comments, photos and videos.

By creating and maintaining company pages throughout the social media space, you’ll encourage Millennials to follow your company long-term. This guarantees a consistent pool of followers that can provide new candidates for open positions.

Update Your Website

There are few things more important to Millennials than your website design and content. Most job applicants, especially Millennials, won’t take the time to apply for jobs or learn more about your company if they can’t easily navigate your website. If your blog page has been sitting unused for three years, Millennials will notice.

In today’s market, successful companies take advantage of web design and social media. Young applicants will notice if you aren’t meeting these standards, and they’ll worry about the longevity of your business.

Show Respect

A little respect goes a long way for recent graduates, who expect to be treated fairly from the beginning of their employment. Word-of-mouth referrals are often the easiest way to earn applicants, so remember to be kind and empathic to all candidates – even those you’ve chosen not to hire.

Show, Don’t Tell

Consider making a YouTube channel for your company, on which you’ll share videos showing exactly what each position in your business does throughout the day. This video should be professionally scripted and edited, appealing to your target audience. For Millennials, seeing an example is more important than reading long job descriptions.

Offer Flexibility

More than ever, employees expect a balance between home life and work. Millennials are the pioneers of this balance. A regular schedule, free weekends, paid time-off and paid holidays go a long way when Millennials are considering who to work for.

Build a Community

Today, building a successful company is about building a community. Develop company-sponsored events, spend one-on-one time with your team, and take control of your company culture. All of these things will contribute to the sense of community in your workplace, helping you retain young talent.

At nTech Workforce, we recognize how difficult finding and retaining top talent can be. Our team matches the right candidates with your company, leading to lasting and mutually-beneficial working relationships. Contact us to learn more!