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            Five Ways to Show Management You Deserve a Leadership Role

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            Once you have earned several years of experience in your industry, you may feel the time has come to assume a leadership role in your company. Sharing this thought with management, however, can be a difficult conversation to have. Showcasing your ability to solve problems and drive solutions, along with a willingness to learn, can help establish your presence as an internal leader and give you a case heading into that conversation with your boss.

            If you have regular one-on-one meetings with your supervisor, the time has come to discuss your future with the company. Still, you’ll need to follow your expectations with action if you expect a promotion to come your way.

            Looking for a new position where you can take on greater leadership? Apply today with nTech Workforce. Here are five ways to prove you deserve a leadership role.

            Become a Problem-Solver

            Leaders are responsible for identifying problems and providing creative solutions without the assistance of upper management. How do you currently solve problems in the workplace?

            If you find yourself running to your manager with no idea for a solution whenever something bad or unexpected happens, you likely won’t be considered for a promotion anytime soon. Instead, take initiative and use the resources available to you to solve problems.

            Be Positive

            There’s nothing worse than working underneath a negative manager. For new employees, a complaining supervisor is an immediate turn-off. If your manager doesn’t enjoy working for the company, is that going to inspire you to do great work for that company? For this reason, few negative employees are promoted.

            Instead of being critical, think about positive and constructive ways to improve your workplace. Gossiping about coworkers or sharing your frustrations with processes and management is not going to contribute to your future leadership prospects.

            Show a Willingness to Learn

            An easy way to spot potential leaders is their willingness to learn important things. An aptitude for ongoing education shows that you’re thinking ahead in your career and preparing to make greater contributions to your team.

            For example, if you are interested in moving into a leadership position, you might take the time to research a certain process your team has implemented and stay updated on best practices to learn about new improvements you can make. The more natural and genuine your curiosity, the more likely your current supervisor will take notice.

            Be Professional

            You will never get promoted by joking around, showing up late or refusing to take your position seriously. Managers and leaders must always be professional, even when dealing with difficult or frustrating problems.

            Employees likely to be promoted will be described by coworkers and management as kind, focused and grounded. They would never expect you to act inappropriate during the workday. Being this person shows wonderful leadership potential, and certainly grabs the attention of your immediate supervisor.

            Create Results

            The most direct way to showcase your leadership potential is by creating results that help your company meet its required goals. You want to be valuable and skilled at your current job before asking for a promotion.

            At nTech Workforce, we study our candidates, learn what their career goals are and pair them with the right opportunity. For assistance with your ongoing search, contact our experienced team today!

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