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            Four Ways to Set Your Contractors on a Path to Success

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            There is nothing more important than maintaining clear lines of communication at work. As the gig economy continues to grow, managers are learning how to better collaborate with contractors and freelance employees to ensure project success. Within a decade, contractors and freelancers may comprise half the workforce, affecting thousands of positions across dozens of industries.

            As the market continues to adapt and change, supervisors are learning how to effectively collaborate with contractors. Here are four ways to set your contractors on a path to success from the very beginning.

            Identify Goals and Expectations

            The need for clear goals and expectations is essential for both managers and contractors. A contractor may feel lost, frustrated, or concerned when completing work for a company that hasn’t defined its needs. A manager, in turn, may feel disappointed with a contractor who doesn’t seem to be improving the company.

            To keep this common misunderstanding from taking place, schedule an early meeting to discuss quantitative and qualitative goals for your contractor.

            Quantitative goals involve metrics. Are there certain statistics or numeric issues you’d like your contractor to improve? For example, you might want to see production increase by 25 percent.

            Qualitative goals involve substance. Are you looking for a specific change in the workplace? For example, you might want to see employee morale improve.

            Whatever the goal, and whatever the position of your contractor, make sure to set a timeline for your expectations. How often do you want this goal revisited? How quickly do you expect to see improvement? This will give your contractor a clearly defined way to measure success – making it easier to meet your expectations.

            Discuss Job Responsibilities

            In a new work environment, traditional employees and contractors alike spend weeks and sometimes months developing a “feel” for the workplace. Based on the actions of their coworkers, contractors gather information about their job responsibilities.

            Instead of making your contractor “feel” the way forward, make the path clear by outlining responsibilities on the first day. Consider answering the following questions:

            • What is the main responsibility of your contractor?
            • What are the secondary responsibilities of your contractor?
            • Are there urgent matters your contractor will be required to manage?
            • What company resources will your contractor be able to access?

            Answering these questions will give your contractor a jumpstart during the first week and beyond.

            Maintain Open Communication

            There is nothing more important than maintaining a line of open communication with your contractors. Whether you hold weekly or monthly meetings, remain available via email, or have another outlined process for communication, your contractor should always know how to get in touch with you. Otherwise, important issues may slip through the cracks.

            At nTech Workforce, we understand the importance of finding the best talent for your contract openings. Contact our experienced team to learn how we can assist with your employee search.

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