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Looking to Break Into the Artificial Intelligence Industry? Consider These Five Jobs

Looking to Break Into the Artificial Intelligence Industry? Consider These Five Jobs

Rather than fearing the rise of artificial intelligence, an increasing number of job hunters are considering careers that involve the production and maintenance of AI programs.

“I always joke that the safest job on the planet is AI researcher,” said Toby Walsh, an artificial intelligence professor at the University of New South Wales. “When we’ve automated AI researchers, the machines will be able to do everything else.”

To be successful in the artificial intelligence industry, employers often seek candidates who have an analytical thought process, the ability to solve complex problems, foresight about technological innovations, and the ability to design, maintain, and repair technology. To move forward in the selection process, candidates who possess these skills need to determine what type of job they’d like to pursue. Each position has specific requirements and preferences.

Here are five of the most popular jobs in the artificial intelligence industry:

Machine Learning Engineer

The average machine learning engineer earns $128,549 per year. This highly sought-after job requires advanced software skills, the ability to create and apply predictive models, and an understanding of natural language processing. Preferred candidates have an advanced degree, usually a doctoral degree, as well as working knowledge of Python and Java and strong mathematical skills.

Data Scientist

These AI professionals are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data using machine learning and predictive analysis. The right candidate will be fluent in Python, Scala, and SQL, with experience working on cloud applications and interpreting unstructured data. The average data scientist earns more than $125,000 per year.

Computer Vision Engineer

The average computer vision engineer earns $136,152 per year. This position focuses on the research, analysis, and development of computer technology, including software components and tools. Interested candidates should have the ability to solve problems independently, formulate and implement novel ideas, and forge strong connections with coworkers.

Research Scientist

A common misconception – research scientists and data scientists are not the same thing. Professionals in this position have advanced knowledge of machine learning, computational statistics, and applied mathematics. Candidates with parallel computing skills and knowledge of distributed computing are often preferred throughout the hiring process. Research scientists earn less than data scientists, averaging $83,402 per year.

Business Intelligence Developer

One of the most in-demand artificial intelligence positions is the business intelligence developer. These professionals are responsible for analyzing complex data sets and studying current market trends – increasing the profitability of their company. Earning an average of $92,449 per year, business intelligence developers design, model, build, and maintain data for complex cloud-based platforms.

Careers in artificial intelligence aren’t going anywhere, and they are very likely to expand in the coming years. Focus your education and experience on statistics, logic, algorithms, robotics, and computer science for a boost toward the industry.

At nTech Workforce, we understand the importance of pairing you with the right company from the beginning. Find a great new job today, or contact us to see how we can assist with your job search.

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