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“It’s just as common for staffing agencies to not offer benefits as it is for them to offer benefits,” reports Kayla Raynor of nTech Workforce. As the lead of the compensation and compliance department of nTech’s human resources department, Kayla is an expert in the field. 

Today, employee benefits are a major incentive, with over 50% of workers saying benefits have an impact on their ability to focus and remain productive in the workplace.

When it comes to staffing agency benefits, many might not think to look into the benefits programs. However, benefits can make a big difference in the quality of candidates you receive as well as retention rates.


What Benefits Do Staffing Agencies Normally Offer?

Benefits are not always a consideration for hiring workers through staffing companies, but they should be. “It’s not as common for staffing agencies to offer benefits as it is for maybe some other employer types,” notes Raynor, adding, “It depends on the type of placement that an agency is doing.” 

Raynor also warns that organizations working with staffing companies, particularly for contingent workers, will want to look into the kinds of benefits that the company is offering to ensure compliance or else risk potential penalties. 

But the other reason companies may want to know about their staffing agency’s benefits is that they can also serve as a talent acquisition tool. “From my experience, your hires will often compare offered benefits from one company to another to assist them in their selection process when determining which jobs to accept,” says Raynor. 

Employee benefits make up an integral component of the overall compensation package and can be a deciding factor when choosing which company to work with. This means that the most talented and in-demand candidates are going to opt to work with a staffing company that offers better compensation perks like benefits.


What Benefits Does nTech Offer and Why?

nTech Workforce offers full health insurance benefits, which include medical, dental, and vision coverage. To help workers in their long-term savings goals, nTech also offers a 401k retirement plan with an annual discretionary, which offers the opportunity for an employer-matching strategy.

On top of this, Raynor notes that nTech also has “some ancillary plans which would be life, insurance, accidental death, and dismemberment, short-term and long-term disability.” nTech also offers an employee assistance program (EAP) “dedicated to supporting the emotional health and well-being of our employees and even their families” which is a no-cost benefit to employees and employers alike.

Finally, to incentivize building a top-quality workforce, nTech also has an employee referral program. 

Overall, the reason nTech provides such a comprehensive benefits package, Raynor explains, “is that we want our employees to have the best of the best that we can provide as a staffing agency.”

Raynor further adds, “I feel like nTech goes a little bit more above and beyond to try to offer as much as we can so that our employees feel like they have benefits there that are at their disposal if they need it. And it just shows that nTech does care about the employees that they bring on.”


What Else Differentiates nTech from Competitors?

A 2023 poll from Forbes Advisor found that more than 60% of companies have changed their benefits programs within the past year to keep up with employee expectations. It is to the advantage of employees and employers alike that strong benefits packages are quickly becoming the norm. So what else sets apart one company from another?

According to Raynor, transparency is also key: “We also provide a detailed benefit guidebook to prospective candidates during the recruitment phase” because “only about 22% of organizations promote their benefits package during the recruitment process.” This can be especially important in situations where candidates may not have all the information before signing on to take a position. 

Looking into staffing agency benefits can sometimes seem like an extraneous detail, but it makes a big difference in the kind of talent that benefits can attract. nTech Workforce is extremely proud of its comprehensive benefits package and the high quality of the team it provides.

If your company is looking to work with a staffing company, consider opting for companies with good benefits like nTech Workforce.