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How Far Can Strategic Relationships Drive Your IT Staffing Efforts?

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When you’ve got essential IT positions to fill, the right strategic partner relationships can make all the difference. For example, working with a provider that adheres to the processes and principles of ISO 9001:2015 can ensure that the IT candidates you see are of the highest quality and possess the specialized skills your organization requires.

What can you expect from your IT staffing partner?

Personalized Service

The right partner won’t just collect job orders and match them to resumes in their database. They will take a holistic approach to ensuring your needs are met, from taking the time to get to know your organization’s goals and culture, to understanding what you’re trying to accomplish with each hire. Further, a strategic staffing partner can analyze the success of placements or solutions after the fact, reviewing data that shows what’s working and what could be further optimized, and discussing new options and insights helps drive improved outcomes in IT staffing.

Honest Feedback

In every engagement with your account manager, you should feel their focus is on your business. They should be looking to help you reach your goals, not just moving bodies or upselling you on other services. Your account manager should be prepared to have tough conversations with you when required, whether that means telling you if your pay rate is unrealistic or sharing feedback from contractors – both positive and negative.

Data-Driven Insights

The best account managers will understand what soft skills may be desirable in a successful candidate while also being metrics-driven and able to share and analyze hard data. The combination of these approaches can help to ensure that your processes are efficient, the talent you engage is highly qualified and you have measures in place to attract and retain the best staff. This is especially important among candidates with highly specialized skill sets that are in demand.

Trusted Advice

Perhaps most importantly, your account manager is someone you can trust to have your best interests at heart. You need an IT staffing partner who understands the industry, your goals and how to best help you achieve them.

Expect More From An IT Staffing Partner

If you’re looking for an IT staffing firm you can count on, nTech Workforce is an expert in sourcing, vetting and placing IT professionals with even the toughest-to-find specializations. Do you need help filling a role for a single project or a partner to navigate within your VMS or MSP? Contact us today.

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