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Managed Services Primer: How Innovative MSP Solutions Can Help Your Business Save Money

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Working with a variety of staffing vendors can be a smart strategy. It gives you a range of options, whether you need individuals with specialized skills or large implantation or project teams. The problem is that a large contract staff from various staffing vendors can be difficult to manage effectively.

That’s Where a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Comes In!

An MSP consolidates management of all of the staffing firms that are providing staff, typically through a VMS (Vendor Management Software). With the MSP taking care of the day to day management and administrative tasks, you are free to focus on company goals or revenue-driving activities.

Vendor Negotiation

They can keep your costs reasonable and consistent by negotiating with all of your staffing vendors. The MSP can manage your staffing vendor base, acting as the liaison between you and your vendors at no cost to you. They can act as a single point of contact, saving you both time and money.

Shortened Time to Fill

Open positions are money lost. An MSP’s network of qualified candidates and expedited vetting can ensure qualified individuals get to you and get to work – fast.

Consolidated Invoice & Payment

Your MSP can handle all aspects of invoicing and payment for you, so that you’re not dealing with separate billing systems from each staffing provider.

Process Efficiencies

An MSP can streamline your hiring processes and handle all the details of talent acquisition and management.

Increased Focus

The time and money you save gives you the freedom to spend more time on other projects while investing monetary resources back into the organization

Consistent Onboarding

Because of the volume of new hires MSPs work with, they have onboarding down to a science. This means individual are productive members of the team in no time, contributing to the bottom line without an extended ramp-up period.

Better Quality Candidates

Evaluating candidates is one of the core strengths of MSP program partners. Once they have a firm understanding of what will make a candidate successful in your organization, they can rapidly assess and place the right people. Getting in right the first time means fewer protracted vacancies and less turnover.

At nTech Workforce, MSP service is only one of the many services we provide to our employer partners. Contact us today for customized staffing solutions and hire the best IT talent.

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