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Reviewing Employer-of-Record and Passthrough Services

Reviewing Employer-of-Record and Passthrough Services

During periods of rapid growth, managing key human resources functions becomes increasingly challenging. Activities surrounding onboarding, benefits administration, and delivering payroll are inevitably more cumbersome when you expand your workforce quickly. Failing to keep pace can result in harmful backlogs.

If your human resources department is struggling today or you are anticipating future growth, taking action now is the smartest move. If you are considering securing an employer-of-record service for effective workforce management like nTech’s Passthrough services, here is what you need to know about these comprehensive solutions.

Employer-of-Record and Passthrough Pay-Rolling Services

At their core, employer-of-record or pay-rolling services from a company provide an outsourced function that, from a legal standpoint, acts as the official employer of a worker. When you hire on your own, your business is officially the employer of record, assuming all of the responsibilities that come along with that distinction.

As an employer of record, you have to manage personnel concerns like taxes, payroll, workers’ compensation, and benefits. Not only do these tasks increase the workload on your human resources staff, but they also introduce a level of risk to the organization.

When you use an employer-of-record or pay-rolling service, many of the burdens and responsibilities listed above shift to the provider. Effectively, you outsource duties associated with employee payroll, benefits administration, compliance, unemployment, and workers’ compensation, freeing up human resources time for other aspects of workforce management.

The employer of record also assists with other key areas that allow you to ramp up your workforce to support increased growth. This can include rapid onboarding and recruitment or screening services, depending on the nature of the arrangement. By opting for an employer-of-record service, you lessen the burden on your human resources department – and make quick growth easier to manage.

Recruitment for Long-Term and Contingent Employees

Recruitment activities can be difficult to manage, particularly if you are growing quickly and need skilled professionals. If you handle these tasks on your own, you have to create and post job ads, manage application gathering, and perform resume and applicant screening, all of which can be cumbersome for your human resources department.

When you use a recruitment service, such as nTech’s Talent Direct program, you gain a partner who can assist with talent curation, both based on your needs today as well as what you may require in the future. They embrace technology to make forecasting demand easier and can create tailored talent pools to improve the quality of your candidates and speed of hiring.

If you want to make sure that your human resources department can keep up with your company’s growth, the skilled team at nTech can help. Contact us to learn more about our unique and comprehensive services today and see how our hiring and employee management expertise can benefit you.

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