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Employment Spotlight: What Makes a Superior Business Analyst?

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As a business analyst, you are responsible for identifying different problems within business structures and developing suitable solutions. Not only are top business analysts highly sought after by recruiters, stakeholders and hiring managers, they also have a wide range of career options available to them.

The demand for business analysts continues to increase as companies seek new ways to control costs, optimize resources and operate more efficiently. To be successful in the role, you need to be the best at what you do.

Here’s a closer look at key attributes that turn business analysts into top performers.

Business Analysts Act as Crucial Links Between Management and Technical Teams

Great business analysts are the critical link between project managers and technical team players. You need to be able to interpret and convey messages between non-technical management and technically skilled teams. Combining your technical acumen, abstract thinking and problem-solving with organizational skills will help you stand out as an effective ally for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Business Analysts Pay Critical Attention to Detail

Outstanding business analysts keep track of every detail in order to provide the best solutions possible. They work closely with management, customers, sponsors and teams and failure to pay careful attention to detail results in mismanagement, delays and poor project outcomes.

Business Analysts Are Excellent Communicators

Top-tier communication skills help you skillfully navigate your role as a crucial link between management, clients and teams. For example, active listening skills lead to accurate understanding of problems that need to be resolved. Exceptional communication skills provide for a successful interface with all internal team members and minimizes the likelihood of misunderstandings.

Business Analysts Are Experienced Critical Thinkers

Great business analysts evaluate problems and carefully consider options before developing solutions. More often times than not, they ask probing, incisive questions in order to obtain clarity on issues.

Business Analysts Are Calm in the Face of Conflict

Exceptional business analysts can – and often do – manage shifting goals, unrealistic timelines and changing whims of multiple stakeholders. They remain calm in the face of the uncertainties and problems that are an inevitable part of every project.

What Sets Superior Business Analysts Apart from the Rest

Every business analyst is trained to identify problems and develop solutions. But an outstanding analyst is resourceful, creates clarity and thinks critically on important points. What’s more, they set clear expectations, clarify communications between stakeholders and consistently follow through on commitments. Exceptional business analysts also display high levels of engagement as they inform, convince and persuade stakeholders to commit time, effort or resources to a project.

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