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            How Redeployment Can Help You Retain Impressive Talent

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            The search for the best and brightest candidates is ongoing. A shocking 65% of employees look for a new job within 90 days of being hired. Redeployment is an effective way to keep your workers invested in your company – giving them an opportunity to move to another department before leaving entirely.

            Redeployment is the process of moving current employees to a different department of the same company. When used correctly, redeployment can improve your bottom line, strengthen employer-employee relationships, and encourage an optimistic company culture where employees feel valued and respected.

            Here are five reasons why redeployment can give your team an advantage in the talent war.

            Less Spending

            When a company downsizes, excellent workers often find themselves without a job. Rather than losing this coveted talent, management may decide to move exceptional workers to another, unaffected department. These managers avoid expenses associated with recruitment, hiring and onboarding. Even if redeployed employees need advanced training in their new department, several expensive steps are skipped.

            Strong Relationships

            Job security is essential for many employees. Knowing that an employer is willing to move dissatisfied or laid-off workers to another department before removing them from the company altogether provides relief from stress and anxiety. It also fosters respect between employees and employers, who choose to treat each other like individuals rather than company assets.

            Improved Corporate Image

            Proving that your company genuinely cares about the continued financial and mental well-being of your employees improves your corporate brand. Your employees will speak highly of you, knowing you offer an opportunity for change and improvement in the workplace. Effective redeployment is an integral part of building a strategy for employee approval, which ultimately leads to a heightened image.

            Optimistic Culture

            Imagine how comfortable your employees feel in a workplace that offers redeployment before dismissal. Can you picture having such a guarantee for your job? How much better would you sleep at night? Your company culture will improve in scope and optimism when redeployment becomes a regular piece of your policy.

            Impressive Workforce

            When your employees have spent time in multiple departments, the overall knowledge in your company grows. You may have employees in one department mentoring employees in another – providing invaluable, transferrable workers if the need arises. The stronger your workforce, the more confident your employees. The more confident your employees feel, the longer they’ll stick around.

            At nTech Workforce, we understand your need for skilled employees from the start. Contact our experienced team today to learn more about our recruiting services.

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