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            Does Your Interviewee Match Your Company Culture? Five Questions to Ask

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            When your employees enjoy the company culture in which they are working, workplace happiness consistently improves! 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success. With this in mind, every candidate that you interview needs to match the values of your culture.

            Every job interview represents an important opportunity to assess the technical strength of a candidate. Just as importantly, it provides a clear image of whether a candidate will match your company culture.

            Asking the right interview questions can ensure your new hire acclimates comfortably to the culture you’ve created. Here are five questions you should ask during every interview to assess the candidate’s fit in your company’s culture.

            #1: Can you describe your ideal work environment? One in which you would most productive and happy?

            Happy employees represent a productivity increase of 31%, a creativity boost of 300%, and a 37% increase in sales. When interviewees describe an ideal work environment that differs starkly from your own, they may be unhappy working for your company, which will negate these impressive benefits. Focus on appreciating candidates who appreciate you.

            #2: Please describe the management style that best meets your expectations in the workplace.

            There are several management styles that lead to successful companies, including autocratic, consultative, persuasive, and democratic. When interviewees prefer a management style that isn’t offered by leadership in your company, they may disapprove of your culture altogether.

            #3: How do you feel about becoming friends with your coworkers?

            Half of all employees wish to develop close friendships in the workplace. Does your company encourage or discourage these types of friendships? If you encourage friendships, a candidate longing for connection in the workplace may thrive. On the other hand, a candidate who prefers privacy may end up feeling disconnected.

            #4: When you work in a team-based environment, what role do you play? Are you a leader? A listener? Or an organizer?

            Do your employees spend a significant amount of time working in teams? If so, you’ll need to consider the role each worker plays. If you already have five leaders, you probably don’t need another. But if you desperately need an organizer, you may actively look for this quality in your interviewees.

            #5: If you had to choose one, what cardinal rule do you follow in the workplace?

            The right candidate for your company will list a rule already expected from your employees.

            Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions. There is only the correlation between the answers and your company culture.

            At nTech Workforce, we get to know your business and what you’re looking for in candidates to make sure we refer only the best fits for your needs. Contact our team of talent managers to learn how we can assist with your recruitment needs.

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