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            nTech Workforce Announces New Advisory Board Member

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            MARYLAND, 2022 – nTech Workforce is pleased to announce the addition of Bryan Peña to it's Advisory Board. nTech's Advisory Board is composed of industry experts whose feedback and guidance helps to uphold our mission to serve customers as thought partners, fuel open innovation, and empower a quality workforce.

            "Bryan is a preeminent expert on staffing & recruitment and the greater world of work. Those who are lucky enough to know Bryan recognize his expertise stems from a deep passion for connecting people, especially those on the margin in need of more equitable solutions. In pursuit of our vision at nTech – a future when access to work is equitable, personal success is enabled, and business outcomes are meaningful – we welcome Bryan and look forward to learning from his knowledge and experiences," said Surajit Sengupta, nTech Workforce President and Co-Founder.

            A globally recognized thought leader in the world of extended work and open talent. Bryan brings a unique perspective on the ever-growing demand for comprehensive workforce solutions, he is a widely sought-after keynote speaker, enthusiastic evangelist for the open talent industry, and an expert on emerging talent platforms, workforce management programs, labor models, HR technology, variable, and future workforce trends. Through his boutique consulting firm, Defiant Solutions LLC, he works directly with HR tech companies of all sizes, service providers, private equity, and enterprise clients to navigate the ever-changing global talent landscape. His firm leverages a vast global network of industry experts and specializes in solving complex challenges.

            Bryan comments, "I have always been impressed by the nTech team and the way they do business with a level of creativity and integrity that is often in short supply in todays challenging business climate. I am honored to play some small part in moving the company forward.”


            About nTech Workforce

            nTech Workforce was founded in 2005 by technical consultants and immigrants, Sridhar Kunadi and Surajit Sengupta, on grit, efficiency, compassion, and the journey from jobseeker to problem solver. Today, customers across the United States trust nTech’s award-winning workforce solutions to transform the way they build, engage, and activate winning teams of contingent workers. Comprising recruitment services, talent pipelining services, and a diverse talent ecosystem, nTech enables companies with the people they need to get work done. 

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