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In staffing, partnership is the key to success and if you want to hire the right people, you need to experiment with different types of work arrangements. By working with a staffing partner and encouraging open lines of communication, you can help drive business innovation and create a more flexible and productive workforce.

In this edition of nSider, Jimmy Iannuzzi, VP and General Manager at nTech, speaks with industry leaders to discuss how leading contingent staffing programs have partnered with their staffing suppliers to drive business success. 


Forward Thinking & Staffing Partners

Partnership with a reputable and reliable staffing partner prepares your company for future projects. A true partnership helps you achieve your staffing goals and prevents you from working in a silo. According to William Hatzichristos, Founder of “Nothing happens if there are not [enough] people involved.” 

For example, a staffing partner can work alongside your company to forecast hiring needs for the next 6 to 12 months to save your HR department precious time and resources; a trusted staffing partner will contribute valuable resources to your planning process such as ”...knowledge, industry trends, real-world analysis, and insight to help your business progress,” Jimmy adds.

Our nSider Blog offers an in-depth look at the benefits of working with a staffing agency. 


Knowledge Sharing To Nurture Business Growth

Rather than keep a staffing partner out of the loop, bring them closer to your business and communicate your immediate and long-term needs; as your business evolves, an engaged staffing partner will adapt to meet changing hiring or other workforce needs. Once familiar with your operations, a staffing partner is poised to offer you guidance and solve your hiring challenges. Bringing the staffing partner closer to your business also builds trust between all stakeholders.

For staffing partners, “’s about identifying where [they] can drive competence. Not just being a transactional partner in day-to-day fill, but by being that trusted advisor to the organization and engagement managers,” said Jimmy. 

For instance, have you considered offshoring to increase the supply of talent, diversify your workforce, and help your business grow? Would you be willing to hire remote workers to secure top talent from another state? Staffing partners present various solutions to recruit for challenging roles, provide a greater experience, and retain the best workers. This is achieved by sitting around a table and sharing ideas.


Things To Consider When Looking  For Staffing Partners

When it comes to finding a staffing partner, there are important aspects to consider as it helps you to determine the quality of the service provided and whether the supplier can deliver relevant and reliable candidates. 

Dedication to time to fill is an important characteristic to analyze when considering a staffing partner. Ensuring that the partner you are working with is taking the time to truly assess your needs for both easy-to-fill positions, but also those that take longer to fill. 

“If we’re going to drive partnership it’s going to take more than filling what is convenient…it’s staying on those positions that have been open for a while,” said Jimmy.

Resilience is another key attribute to look for in a staffing partner. This can be shown by having a trusted partner who will not abandon candidates and will continually provide you with feedback. Regardless of the time that has passed –between the submission of candidates, multiple rounds of revisions, and edits to job descriptions – a resilient staffing partner ensures you get the right people to the table.

“I want to see suppliers come back and say they’ve done the same as our team [to] fine-tune the search and processes and share something [they] think is going to work,” said Senior Advisor, Supplemental Workforce Program Manager at SCE, Dawn O’Bryan-Lamb.

Lastly, we come to record and document feedback and success stories. A quality staffing partner will follow up with candidates on how an assignment went, and what hurdles they faced along the way. Through this ongoing evaluation, the staffing partner optimizes their techniques to provide continually better service in the future. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stale, or stuck when filling contingent work opportunities, our team is here to help. At nTech, we are driving business innovation by helping companies secure experienced and talented professionals who are not only ready to work but feel supported and reliable. Forge a long-term partnership with nTech today. 

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