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Feedback entails evaluating the performance of an individual or a group of workers in their job role or of an assignment they have completed. For staffing partners, detailed assignment feedback is a gift for both parties involved - clients and workers. Research shows that feedback improves workers’ performance. Constructive feedback leads to continuous development, better decisions, and greater productivity. 

Brandee Roberts, Human Resources Director at nTech Workforce, states, “Assignment feedback is essential for employees to understand what they’re doing well and where they may need to improve. To succeed, one needs to know where they may be falling short, so they can learn and make adjustments where needed."


Assignment Feedback and Retention Rates 

According to Forbes, regular conversations, feedback, and recognition yield reduced levels of stress, improved productivity, and an increase in worker retention. Daily check-ins, weekly feedback, monthly recognition, and quarterly performance reviews go a long way toward sustaining a reliable talent pipeline. When engaging workers through a staffing intermediary, legal teams may advise against engaging contingent workers in these conversations; however, feedback can be routed to the staffing agency and delivered to the worker. 

Staffing agencies, workers, and your business will each benefit from this flow of information. Workers benefit from a deeper understanding of expectations; your business benefits from greater productivity; staffing agencies benefit from an increasingly reliable revenue stream, and everybody benefits from reduced turnover. Even more, workers are more engaged when they understand their work and effort are valued and contribute to a client’s success. Roberts states that:

Feedback from clients can help staffing agencies build strong partnerships by enabling them to help coach and assist in training their employees in areas where they need improvement and in being able to pass along praise where earned. Both coaching and recognition are mutually beneficial to an employee's success and, in turn, the success of the client and staffing agency.

Furthermore, feedback helps workers to improve their work quality. Research suggests that workers who receive regular feedback are four times more engaged than those who don’t. Engaged workers who know the company is committed to their career goals will stay longer and work more productively. 

As Roberts remarked, “The relationship between assignment feedback and employee retention is great as we want to keep employees motivated and focused, so they want to stay with us and are productive contributors to our client's teams.”


Feedback Adds Value

For staffing agencies, client feedback is of the utmost importance. Ideally, the staffing agency and client can work together collaboratively to solve any issues raised in the feedback. Over time, regular and timely feedback becomes a natural element of the client and staffing agency’s relationship. Feedback fosters healthy communication, cultivates trust, identifies areas for improvement, facilitates a better understanding of expectations, and offers a basis for solving problems. 

Roberts explains the importance of feedback in improving client value: "Receiving feedback from clients on how our employees and we are doing is of great importance to a lasting, meaningful, and productive partnership. Knowing we can trust our clients to let us know when and how we and/or our employees are succeeding or falling short is vital. It’s also vital for the client to know they can trust that we will make every effort to continue where we’re doing well and to make adjustments where we’re falling short so we can continue improving and building the partnership.”

At nTech, we provide innovative and customized staffing solutions that cater to your business needs. Our solutions facilitate employee growth and solve workplace productivity, diversity, and hiring challenges. Our services include direct hire, staff augmentation, LEVEL-UP, direct sourcing, payroll outsourcing, and agency of record (AOR). We help clients find the most suitable workers for their next opening. 

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