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The “Great Resignation” isn’t necessarily a call to action for you to increase wages, offer more benefits, or otherwise spend more money. Workers increasingly demand more freedom from control. Remote & contingent staffing affords your workforce flexibility in where, how, and when they work.

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Remote Worker

Our Services Include

  • Outsourced workers for a defined time period
  • Your objectives include projects that are temporary or fulfilling seasonal demands: software development, marketing campaigns, IT infrastructure, year-end closing, customer care hiring, and more. Outsourced, temporary works add to your existing team to get work done.

  • Career pathways for contract workers
  • About 40% of the average workforce is outsourced. Consumers and investors demand fiscal and social responsibility. Guiding front-line contracted workers through career pathways to develop more in-demand skills is good for business and the community –  improving productivity, professionalism, retention, and peoples’ lives.


  • Re-deploying workers from your databases
  • You have a multitude of workers throughout your databases. We will curate known workers into meaningful lists and efficiently (re)deploy them into forecasted jobs.


  • Referral management for contract workers
  • You know who you want to hire, but you’re not hiring them directly. You refer them and pay us an all-inclusive hourly rate. We are responsible for all HR matters, spanning timekeeping, compensation, performance management, and associated tax/legal implications.


  • Managing subcontracted workers
  • We will negotiate, establish, manage, and govern subcontracts with workers and/or services  companies to augment your teams
  • As your point of contact for outsourcing to suppliers, we will hold a master agreement with your firm that enables us to manage downstream agreements with all other staffing suppliers. 
  • No lengthy procurement/legal process every time you want to engage another staffing company.


What do we provide?

  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Worker Engagement
  • Training & Coaching
  • Timekeeping & Payroll
  • Compensation & Benefits

Our Specialties

Why work with us?

Not only will we find people, but we also provide a framework and desirable experience for you to comfortably engage remote & contingent workers.

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