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5 Ways Poor Time Management Skills Are Costing You Time Each Day

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Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done?

If so, you’re not alone!

Schedules are packed, and most of us aren’t masters at time management – even if we think we are. If time seems to constantly be a scarce commodity, it could be that your time management skills need a little polishing.

5 Common Time Management Mistakes that Cost Professionals Precious Time Every Day

Lack of Prioritization

Each person has a unique way of approaching the multiple tasks ahead of them each day. It could be that you’re working on a major project that needs to be broken down into more manageable chunks, or maybe you have several balls up in the air at once. Either way, taking the time to prioritize what needs to be done each day will save you time in the end.

By taking the time to look at, assess and prioritize your workday, you’re giving each task the attention it deserves. Plus, if you prioritize with efficiency in mind, you eliminate the backtracking that’s frequently involved in a less structured approach.

Underestimating How Long a Task Will Take

When looking at everything that needs to be done, it’s easy to cram your day full by slotting each task into a very specific time frame. The problem with this is that tasks in project management are unpredictable from a time standpoint. That quick 30-minute briefing with stakeholders can easily stretch to an hour or more.

Instead of cramming as much as possible into the day, work on being more realistic about the time involved in each task – and then add an extra cushion to avoid constantly working under pressure.


Multitaskers often feel like they are working more efficiently than those who take on one challenge at a time. What they fail to realize is it’s the opposite that’s true. Multitasking creates distractions, which only adds time to how long each task on your to-do list eats up. Plus, the more focused attention you give each task, the less the chance that you’ll need to go back and revisit it.

Allowing Too Many Distractions

Distractions are the bane of a productive workday but unfortunately, they’re everywhere. Constantly checking your email, text messages, or engaging in conversations with coworkers all create distractions that soak up time. Plus, each time you’re distracted, it becomes necessary to take extra time refocusing and getting back into your groove.

Not Taking Time for Breaks

When the day is hectic and you have a seemingly endless list of things to do, it’s tempting to just skip the breaks and power through until you reach the end. This is a fatal mistake form a time management perspective. Twenty or thirty minutes might seem like a lot of time to lose when you’re focused on a task but giving yourself that break will recharge the mental and physical energy you need to work at maximum efficiency.

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