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Delivering a Winning Business Case for an MSP Solution: Step 1

Delivering a Winning Business Case for an MSP Solution: Step 1

Before you can successfully implement a managed service provider (MSP) solution, you need to build a strong business case for bringing one into your workplace. While utilizing contingent workers is often a critical part of a company’s success, particularly if their staffing needs fluctuate seasonally or based on shifts in demand, managing a flexible workforce internally comes with a substantial amount of risk and can be costly. 


However, gaining buy-in from leadership to partner with an MSP is often necessary before one can be integrated into your environment. As a result, delivering a winning business case for an MSP solution is essential. 

Developing a strong business case is a multi-step process. If you want to make sure yours is a winner, here is a look at the first step you need to complete. 


Assessing Your Current State 

As with most implementations, the first step isn’t to bring in the solution. Instead, you need to fully assess your current state, giving you the ability to understand the needs of your environment and what personnel assets are already in place. 

Begin by considering all of the types of contingent workers who are critical to your company’s success. This will include numerous categories of short-term employees across a range of business areas, and each organization will vary at least slightly from others in their industry. 

Once you have identified all of the kinds of contingent workers you have in place, you need to complete a full headcount of those who are currently present in your environment. Often, the easiest way to get an accurate picture is to select a contact in each key functional area within your business, such as HR, IT, finance, legal, and any other business unit. 

Next, request details about any contingent worker in that area. This can include job categories, contract or supplier terms, billing rates, employee names, and tenure. Also, request input regarding whether a separation of that worker would disrupt a primary business function as well as a total contingent staff spending amount for each business unit. 

If you are not in your peak season, it is wise to also review historical data to complete the broader picture. Examine your contingent staffing levels when demand was at its highest and when you had the largest number of contingent workers present. 


Building a Winning Case for Implementing an MSP Solution

With this information in hand, you can analyze spending, visibility, and overall risk. Then, you can review the data with an MSP, allowing them to calculate any advantages – such as lower cost, higher efficiency, reduced risk, and quality improvements – that can assist you in building a winning case for implementing an MSP solution. 

By consulting with a skilled MSP, such as nTech, you also gain access to market insights and benchmark data that can bolster your business case. This can make it easier to present the benefits to key stakeholders, increasing the odds that your recommendation will not just be considered viable, but viewed as a way to achieve higher rates of success. 

Contact the Skilled Team at nTech

If you are working on building a business case for implementing an MSP, the skilled team at nTech can help. Contact us.

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