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As of 2023, 4.9 million people in America are unemployed and looking for work, and another 1.6 million are looking for permanent work.

Many people are scouring the Internet wondering how to get a job on their own when the reality is that help is out there! Staffing agencies can be a great place to start whether you’re looking for jobs in Maryland, or jobs nearby wherever you want to be.

We sat down with Tailor Stewart, Talent Acquisition Specialist at nTech Workforce, to find out all the ins and outs of how a staffing agency can help you find a job.


What Do Staffing Agencies Do to Help Job Seekers Find Their Ideal Job? 

Once the job is posted, staffing agencies will compare the resumes received with the requirements in the job description. From there, according to Stewart, a recruiter will “reach out to the candidates that align the most with the requirements for the position to schedule a qualifying call. Sometimes a resume does not always match up with the candidate's experience, this is why a qualifying call is so important because you have to ensure the experience from the candidate matches what is on paper.”

The job of staffing agencies like nTech Workforce is not just about finding jobs for candidates but matching ideal candidates to roles that will enable their success. 

Stewart also notes that recruiters “strategically source for the ideal candidate on different job boards.” LinkedIn is a popular choice for a reason, as Stewart notes, “It allows for us to compare experience and credentials of candidates.”

The reality is, as Stewart describes, that “just because a job is posted, doesn’t mean you’re going to automatically get any traction. As recruiters, it is our role to actively source, review submitted applications, and use various tactics and tools to find the ideal candidates.”

For those looking for jobs in Baltimore, Maryland, or jobs elsewhere around the country, the most important thing to remember is that staffing agencies work on building strong relationships with their clients and job seekers alike. Recruiters' ultimate goal is to broker connections that will generate growth for all involved. 


Can a Staffing Agency Help Me Find a Job?

You may wonder “How can a staffing agency help me find a job” since it might seem that staffing agencies are more focused on hiring contingent workforces or only filling the specific roles they are contracted to recruit for.

The reality is that staffing agencies are typically recruiting for many different positions for multiple companies across the country at any given time. The goal of staffing agencies like nTech is to help both job seekers and companies find what they need. Having access to both job seekers and open positions allows them to work on both sides of the aisle, connecting individuals with dream jobs.

Stewart recognizes that one of the strengths of working with a staffing agency is “effectively communicating with our candidates and keeping them updated within the interviewing process.” Moreover, staffing agencies can help job seekers find jobs in Baltimore and surrounding areas by “communicating important information and keeping in touch with job seekers. This will help make them feel more comfortable, which creates a better dynamic for them to share pertinent information with us so that we can better help meet their needs.”


What Is the Timeline When Working With a Staffing Agency?

Job seekers often wonder what kind of timeline they can anticipate to hear back on a potential role. In Stewart’s experience, “once job seekers have been submitted for a role, recruiters often can expect to hear back from hiring managers anywhere from, three business days and up to two weeks depending on the client.” 

For job seekers, it may be helpful to note that “if you haven’t heard anything within two weeks, it does not necessarily mean you have not been selected to move forward. As recruiters, we do our best to keep communication lines open with job seekers. Ultimately, it comes down to the client and what their interview scheduling is like.”


What Do Top Staffing Agencies Offer Job Seekers?

The number one benefit for job seekers working with a staffing agency is better communication. Stewart reports that in her role, “open communication” is an important part of the process, stating “I’ll email you, I’ll call you and I’ll send you a text. I think that’s important because our candidates don’t have a lot of time and we want to be respectful of that.”

Moreover, Stewart sees it is important “to build a relationship with candidates so that even if a specific position doesn’t work out with them, we can keep them in mind for other potential roles in the future.”

If you’ve hit a dead end and are wondering how to find a job, working with a staffing agency like nTech Workforce can help you find your next role. Find your dream job with nTech Workforce or join our talent network to be considered for future positions.