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How Talent Curation Can Lower Your Time to Fill

How Talent Curation Can Lower Your Time to Fill

To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to maintain peak productivity. When positions sit vacant for extended periods, keeping up with demand or spurring growth becomes increasingly challenging. This is especially true if the unfilled role represents a skill that isn’t present in the organization’s current workforce, allowing a skill gap to hinder the capabilities of the team overall. 


Finding methods to reduce your time-to-fill can be critical when you want to remain competitive. As a leading managed services provider (MSP), nTech offers comprehensive services designed to streamline hiring. Here’s a look at how Talent Curation from nTech can help:


Focused Talent Pools 

The nTech delivery teams curate talent pools for partner companies that are designed to align with your talent demand, workforce strategy, and larger organizational goals. Your needs are fully assessed to determine which approaches will meet your needs in the most effective way possible. 

In addition, the Talent Curation program is designed to be agile. Should your needs or priorities change, nTech will curate new focused talent pools around those parameters, giving you access to the right kinds of candidates at the proper time. 


Multichannel Sourcing 

Talent Curation from nTech embraces a multichannel sourcing approach. The focused talent pools consist of candidates from a wide range of sources, including some that many companies accidentally neglect. 

Internal sourcing channels – including applicant tracking systems, vendor management systems, career portal databases, and more – are explored to identify candidates that are vetted and known quantities or already part of your recruitment landscape. By assessing data on known talent, such as past employees or contingent workers, past interviewees, and referrals that were not initially pursued, you can reduce your time-to-fill substantially. This process reduces the need for external recruitment, an approach that can both be costly and time-consuming. 

Additionally, if existing or past employees could excel in the role, you can also expedite the hiring process. You may already have certain information on file, allowing you to reactive a previous employee instead of adding a new professional to your system. 

Essentially, Talent Curation from nTech allows you to harness the power of your existing data and use it as a recruitment source for known talent. This can significantly reduce the need for external sourcing, allowing you to expedite your hiring process and reduce time-to-fill. Plus, the data is analyzed to find quality matches. As a result, you can access a curated talent pool based on your highest priority needs, ensuring a top-quality fit in the shortest time possible. 

Ultimately, Talent Curation from nTech can help you fill vacant positions quickly and efficiently, ensuring your time-to-hire is reduced, and your company can reach full productivity faster than ever before. 


The Power of Talent Curation

If you would like to know more about the power of Talent Curation, the team at nTech wants to hear from you. Contact us.

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