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How Just Giving 1% More Each Day Will Transform You into the Best Version of Yourself

How Just Giving 1% More Each Day Will Transform You into the Best Version of Yourself

As a professional, you want to become the absolute best version of yourself. Doing so positions you to achieve goals and live your most fulfilling life – both on a personal and professional level. Ask practically anyone what they could do to improve themselves and their lives, and chances are you’re going to end up hearing a laundry list of big, fat lofty goals.

Lofty goals serve a purpose. They provide a vision of the future you want as your reality. The problem is the larger the goal, the more difficult it is to achieve, and we often set ourselves up for failure by just trying to implement that scale of major change. An alternative is to take a smaller-scale approach and work on becoming a little better each day.


Why 1% Each Day Is the Magic Number

No matter what area of your life you want to improve, major life-altering goals rarely come to fruition the way you planned. The reason for this is simple – major changes, especially ones that affect you on a deeper, more personal level, are overwhelming. Change on any scale can be difficult. The major change is often too much to handle – especially when it can be avoided with a list of reasons and excuses to welcome stagnation.

Rather than setting major goals and going at them full gusto, attempting to be just 1% better each day is an approach that gets you where you want to be. Small changes are simple, manageable, and easy to build upon. By striving for just 1% improvement each day, you eventually become the person you want to be, with fewer growing pains and distractions.


Becoming 1% Better Each Day on the Job

The 1% philosophy stems from something called the Kaizen approach. The approach to self-improvement has roots in the post-World War II era, with Kaizen being a compounded Japanese word that can be translated to good change. Today, we view the model as representing continuous improvement through small, daily changes.

Still, when you want to see significant changes in your professional life, it can be difficult to determine a starting point for making these changes. The best approach is to simply begin by making a list of problems you want to solve, areas of your life you’re happy with, and those that you would like to change.

Next, focus on those areas you want to improve and think of small ways they could be changed for the better. For instance, are distractions interfering with your work productivity? Aim to eliminate just one of those distractions today. Once you’ve established these small changes, build upon them just a little each day. Soon, you’ll start seeing changes that will provide the momentum to keep moving forward.


Become the Best Version of Yourself with a New Career Opportunity

Making small daily changes to find a fulfilling career opportunity is just one way to become the best version of yourself. Incredible opportunities are waiting for you, and nTech Workforce would like to help. We provide staffing solutions in the IT project management space, and we’d like to speak with you. Contact nTech Workforce today to learn more.