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Blockchain development is currently listed as the hottest skill in the IT market. Roughly 23 percent of large companies in the United States are actively seeking blockchain experts. Typically, each company looking to build a dedicated blockchain project team will hire a project manager, one or two designers, and two to four developers. nTech Workforce has available positions in many technical disciplines for those looking to work with cutting-edge technologies.

These positions, among others, are a wonderful place to get started. Here are four of the most common ways to break into blockchain:

Blockchain Developer

In the ever-growing blockchain industry, developers are most likely to find a home. Developers will have opportunities across many industries including financial services, tech companies, and government – as all of these markets are looking to improve customer experience and need skilled developers to do it.

To succeed in blockchain development, you’ll need to understand Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, Agile Scrum, and MYSQL, among other languages and processes. Candidates with secondary education in programming and computer analysis are preferred.

Project Manager

For every project, there must be a project manager. Unlike novice blockchain developers interested in learning on the job, project managers must prove their value in terms of knowledge, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

A blockchain manager must convert business goals into technical language and vice-versa, as projects should be presented to upper management in clear terms. All successful managers will carry the same skills and expertise as developers, engineers, and designers.

Finally, an advanced degree in engineering management is preferred, if not required, for this position.

Quality Engineer

Just as every project requires a manager, every company requires quality assurance. Quality engineers must research and advise on the growing toolbox developed for blockchain, in addition to defining, writing, and implementing tests.

As a quality engineer, you’ll be responsible for ensuring all areas of development, including manual testing, dashboards, and automation framework, meet the growing needs of the company. Once again, an advanced degree in engineering is expected for success in this position.

Blockchain Web Designer

Almost as popular as software developers are blockchain web designers. These employees build websites with mind-blowing user interfaces using Sketch, PS, Figma, and other similar programs.

To succeed in web design, you’ll need to have excellent communication skills to assist in understanding the needs of your company. A proven background in design and the ability to work through a variety of platforms are also critical for success as a blockchain web designer.

While an advanced degree isn’t necessary for designers, you’ll need to possess some kind of secondary degree in graphic or web design to be considered for most open positions.

Fortunately, companies are learning alongside employees in this particular field. If you feel you need more experience before tackling one of these advanced positions, consider an internship or entry-level position. While these opportunities pay significantly less, they provide unbeatable experience for your resume.

At nTech Workforce, our team is prepared to help you launch a new career. Contact us to learn how we can assist with your search.

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