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            How to Win Over and Retain Top Candidates within the Tech Industry

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            In the IT industry, contingent work is becoming the norm. Estimates say that by 2020, 40% of the workforce in the United States will be contingent. Keep in mind that this is only one report. Others claim that numbers are higher with industries like tech being fueled by an even larger percentage of a contingent workforce.

            We can interpret this to mean that a growing number of the industry’s top talent is choosing to work on a contingent basis. Smart companies know that contingent workers are no longer place holders until a qualified candidate comes along and fills the position. Instead, they’re looking to discover top level talent in their contractors and hopefully encourage them to stay.

            Due to the transient nature of contingent workers, many businesses don’t have a plan in place for retaining their top contractors – meaning they’re missing out on incredible opportunities. Don’t let a good one slip away. Here are three tips for retaining top contractors.

            Emphasize Benefits

            Many tech professionals choose to work on a contingent basis because they feel it provides the best opportunities in terms of learning experiences and career advancement. Rather than growing with a company, they’ve chosen to grow with the industry. Enticing them to stay on your team involves emphasizing the benefits of growing with your organization.

            When you spot top talent in a contingent worker, don’t hesitate to bring them in and present potential future opportunities with them. Tell them your business goals and how they can play a role, should they choose to invest their career in your company.

            Make Them Part of the Team

            Communication is one of the most valuable skills in the world. Often, contingent workers are kept out of the loop and miss out on even the most basic communications. Top contractors are going to be looking for an environment where effective, thorough communication is the norm – and they want to be a part of it.

            Communicating with contingent workers just as if they were permanent staff gives them a sense of belonging and feeling as though they are part of the team. It’s exponentially easier to entice a contractor to stay if they already feel invested on an emotional level.

            Have a Process in Place

            The retention of top contractors starts long before they walk through your door. It’s important that you’re looking at how you’re using contingent workers in your operational structure and what future opportunities exist for contingent workers. For instance, placing contingent staff in a specific position that has “grooming” potential for the right person, rather than simply using contingent workers to fill in random gaps. A meaningful approach to contingent staffing will make it easier to identify and retain the professionals you want on your team.

            Contingent workers face unique challenges in the workplace. They might feel as if they’re the “odd man out”, or that they don’t have anyone advocating for them in the workplace. Taking steps to make top contractors feel like they’re a valued, respected part of the team is key.

            nTech Workforce employs a team of account managers who supports their candidates – both by aiding in the process of placing them in the best positions and advocating for their long-term professional success.

            Want to Learn More?

            Working with a staffing agency that’s committed to aligning candidates with positions where they will succeed is key. Contact nTech Workforce and let us introduce you to a new opportunity today.

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