Our Services 

Since 2005, we've been delivering flexible and customized staffing solutions for employers throughout the United States.


The nTech Approach

We’re in the people business. By serving and providing great experiences to our employees, we have access to the best workers. For over 15 years, our clients have trusted nTech to both deliver reliable solutions and present creative solutions in response to emerging challenges or opportunities. We build winning teams that get work done.


How We Help

We can connect people with work in many ways. Our solutions uncover opportunities  by enabling our clients with:

  • Finding more qualified candidates
  • Improving call center worker quality, including professionalism, productivity, and retention
  • Efficiency of engaging referred candidates
  • Increasing the diversity of your workforce
  • Getting greater value from your existing database of candidates & past workers

Whether you want us to find, nurture, screen, onboard, manage, train, coach, or otherwise support/engage workers, our solutions are focused on the opportunities which XXXXXXXX

Our Specialties

We specialize in high-volume staffing that challenges us to lean into our process and specialty recruiting that tests our grit. This often includes call centers and business professional categories – on one end of the spectrum – and various technical, creative, or scientific categories on the other end of the spectrum.


From Bookkeeper to Controller, disciplined and detail-oriented Accounting professionals excel in risk management, reporting, & analysis, research, process management, and expense management.
“Accounting is the language of business.” -Warren Buffett




Organized. Accurate. Efficient. Diplomatic. 

These are qualities of administrative professionals that elevate us every day.

Business Intelligence

The smallest miscalculation creates uncertainty. Having the right infrastructure to analyze and deliver actionable insights to your business is critical. And behind every algorithm is a great scientist or engineer.

Creative Marketing/Communications

Brand positioning and consistent messaging are imperative for growth in today’s fast-paced business environment. We’ll find the right creative professional to shape your brand, tell your story, and differentiate you from your competitors.

Customer Care

First response time (FRT)  and customer satisfaction score (CSAT) are critical. Staffing shortages have a direct impact on both. Accessing workers to make an immediate and long-term impact can be a challenge, but we know what it takes.

Information Security

Preventing, detecting, and resolving/containing threats is critical to ensure the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of systems and data. Finding lifelong learners that have the technical acumen, communication skills, and discipline to secure your assets is tough. We’ve got your back.

Project Support

From ideation and execution to governance and quality assurance, every project presents challenges that need to be managed. Two days are rarely the same. Whether you’re looking for a Project Manager, Deployment Manager, or Requirements Analyst, we can help find the teammates you need to eliminate bottlenecks, manage risk, and catalyze great outcomes.

Software/Network Engineering

The greatest engineering teams don’t stare at code or spend their days in server closets. The highest-performing teams regularly engage business teams to document clear requirements and connect their work to meaningful outcomes. They’re meticulous, strong communicators, and results-oriented.